Sunday, October 17, 2010

Truth Out!

I was listening to this bigot named Bill Cunningham on the radio. It dawned on me that these right wing people are still pushing this Weather Underground lie. Ok let me say it one last time. Obama has no relations with Ayers other than serving on a board with him. He never started a campaign in Ayers front room.If you believe the opposite please send me evidence. Ayers was not convicted in court on anything. Now I do think that Ayers is a nutbag. But truth is the truth. Also next time you hear Hannity or anyone of those right wing hussies say the great lie just remember this.....

They did not "blow up the Pentagon." (Did you notice that it was still there on 9/11, the day that somebody flew an airplane into it?) The Weather Underground did not blow up the New York Subway. It too is still there. The Weather Underground did not kill any police officers or U.S. government employees. They didn't kill anybody but themselves. Three of them died when a bomb they were building blew up by accident. That was the end of the group. That happened in (cough cough) 1970.

I'm not in favor of violence,including violent overthrow of any government. I'm not in favor of the approaches taken by the Weather Underground. I'm not defending them. However, I do think it's pretty stupid to go around posting dumb lies about a group that existed 40 years ago. If you're going to gripe about old groups, at least get your facts straight.

Thank you.

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