Saturday, November 08, 2008

Enough Already!

Damn, as much as I like to hear Palin and McCain and the neo-cons get beat up all over the place and tear each other apart. I have to say with measured breath....Stop beating up on Palin! I expected this from the neo-cons they are low down trashy and they lie a lot. I know your asking.. why do you, the great Evil one say such insane things? Well here goes. We know that neo-con republicans(fox news watchers,supporters)were not so bright to begin with. I means come on Palin is a former beauty queen(these are not the brightest people in the world)you see, her beauty always got her through and over especially with men. that's what all that winking crap was about. She is saying hey check out my rack because there is nothing in my brain. She never needed to know anything else. So when McCain picked her and I saw her interviews I knew what she was about then. It was no surprise to me and other thinking people saying well, she is "stupid-ignorant" and not qualified. But I blame McCain for this, he picked her and if his wrinkled ass cared enough he could have thoroughly vetted her....but he did not. Aren't you glad that McCain did not win.Now I know some of you neo right wingers are still mad that a darky is your president. Well get over it and deal with it.

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Anonymous said...

When you're right, you're right and, you, you're always right...mostly.