Saturday, November 08, 2008

Say It Ain't So Joe!

Scarborough you hypocrite. How dare you criticize President elect Obama's Chief of staff choice Rahm(SmackaGopbitch)Emanuel. You have your nerve to talk about Obama is going back on his word. Let me tell you something Emanuel kicked you guy's ass during the Clinton years and you guys have never gotten over it. Now you had W in office screwing everything up and you never had anything really to say about his administration. Now the grownups are in charge and now you all of sudden care about bi-partonsenship. Puhhleeze. Obama will put the right democrats and republicans
in place and none of who those fox news losers want.Oh by the way Joe also in that same broadcast you lied..OOPs I meant you mentioned that you ended your political career because of how your family needed you to be with them. Riiiiight!I at first thought how noble then I remembered something that I learned in 2001 when I took a vacation to Pensacola Florida from a reporter friend of mine concerning you and a woman you allegedly had an affair with that was found dead in your office under mysterious circumstances. shortly after that you ended your political career. It got very little play in the national media. So it seems you had some staff problems your self there my friend.

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