Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I Am Humbled!

Folks for years I Anthony (the Evil Genius) lover of all animals,humans,he who is purest amongst us all and the guy who woman call the sweet release.I have criticized my country for being more into sports than politics.
I have complained about this for years ask any of my friends John,Dennis the Red Menace good ole Pete and etc.When I was in Europe. I had the luck of being in England when Blair was elected and noticed as I toured around the various pubs,nightclubs and strip clubs OOps! I meant churches. I noticed that teenagers and young adults and old seem to talk about politics. This was a trend that seemed to be missing from our culture. In America it was all about sports. I mean it was so shameful in America that(generally speaking of course)people knew the latest sports trivia, game stats who played in what Super Bowl or World Series. Hell we even had a president that never had any intellectual curiosity at all! Which did not surprise me that the average American could not point to certain countries on a map or tell you how a bill is made or how many justices sit on the Supreme Court or the liberal vs conservative ratio. But that has changed 180 degrees for the better. Recently I noticed that we have long voter lines to vote instead of watching a game played by overpaid millionaires with their foolish behavior and pervasive rape culture. I like McCain and Obama(I like Obama more though). This election is so historical no matter who wins. But I just want to take the time to say I am so proud of my country and my fellow Americans... Prediction: in a possible electoral landslide say hello to President Obama!

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