Sunday, April 11, 2010

Caught Lying Again!!!!

We caught those bastards at Fox News lying again. It's bad enough that the right lies to their people. But why does Fox news have to lie about something that the president never said concerning the nuclear war treaty. This is why you can not take them seriously. We do not need these weapons. I dare anyone to prove to me why and when and where we would use such weapons. I mean I get this story about how we need them just in case we are attacked. Ok by whom? We have the most dangerous and deadliest weapons known to man without ever having to go nuclear at all. I mean on 9/11 the worst terrorist attack on our soil and we did not respond with nuclear weapons! Neither did we in the last two gulf wars, we did not go nuclear. The reason the lying right wants to keep them is because it makes them feel tough and manly and gives them a false sense of security that's all there.


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Anonymous said...

Reducing nuclear stockpile not a big deal but not designing new ones is a bad idea. The Chinese plan on building a blue water navy, checking them with nukes only makes sense.

Obama is an idiot. A media creation hiding behind black skin. Hell he didn't even write this book:

In case you want to call Jack an idiot think again:

Anonymous said...

You progressives should be proud of this Jew: He is probably an athetist to boot.

Anonymous said...

This is fascinating:

I wonder what the profile of your average person of color is that voted for Obama?

Anonymous said...

We don't need no stinking facts.