Monday, April 26, 2010

Truth Sucks!


Anonymous said...

You are too funny posting this picture. Obama is a fucking idiot.
You would have made fun of Bush for saying this but your black racist president you back to the hilt sort of like being down low you are fine with.

MSNBC agrees: "Obama wants $33 billion more for wars," it intones -- and this "comes on top of [a] record $708-billion request for next year." Is "Obama a hawk?" asks Chicago Tribune columnist Steve Chapman.

White poorgressives won't stand up to Bush 3 that is your guy for fear of being called racist while black people back Obama the racist to the core along with other so-called minority groups thinking that they can get something for nothing.
The Jews back Obama because they control him for their own gain and power.

Anthony said...

Is every palin teabagger stupid? I mean your stupid link proves you wrong. You guiys should go back to your stupid crossburnings at fox news and stop reading this blog its for smart people not fox news watchers

Anonymous said...

I don't watch Fox News nor do I support Palin, nor am I a teabagger.

Lastly you flatter yourself too much with what you think of your blog.

You have never posted anything neg about your racist President.

I could bring about a hundred people to your blog but they would have a field day kicking your low intellect, but as I have always said you shouldn't make fun of the slow kid.