Thursday, April 01, 2010

One More Time!

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"Your straw-men need some back bone. To imply that atheist are saint's is a bit much.
Himmler was an atheist and he certainly had Jewish rabbis killed.
Atheist have little to offer that is say that your mother not an atheist just learns your dad has been killed in a car wreck:
You: “Hey Mom, sorry about dad dying...I just want you to know that he will soon be rotting and stinking in the ground and will soon be worm food, and then will become part of nature.” Pause. “Isn't it neat that he, like all of us have no real purpose in life. We live, we die, then we rot.”
-WSX reader who has a really poor understanding of history and is pretending that Himmler was an atheist.

Are people really that stupid? Are there really that many dumb ass bumpkins who believe that Himmler and the Nazi's were atheists? Folks I really hate to bring this up because this is sooo beneath me. But I will address this AGAIN! First Himmler and the other Nazi's were Roman(kid raping )Catholics ok. Now I am not accusing the Nazi's of kid raping just the religion. Btw I never said atheists were saints(a religious term) I am just saying that not enough positive things are said about us and I am just setting the record straight.


Marcus said...

How ironic that the idiot claims you're the one straw-manning...

Anonymous said...

Himmler I might have to back track on a bit but not this one:
I may have gotten the two mixed up a bit:

It seems to me that liberals like you want to make it seem that if you are raised in a Christian home that you can never change your colors. It would make sense that Jews in the Western media and academia would do their best to smear Christianity by linking Nazis so strongly to Christianity. To be a true Nazis you had to want Jews gone and that would certainly include Jesus.

Anonymous said...

You atheist are a open tent group I will give you that.

No Gods -- No Masters.
-- Margaret Sanger, her motto, 1914, quoted from Annie Laurie Gaylor, Women Without Superstition, dust jacket

Anonymous said...

A quick glance at someone else that was raised Catholic then turned atheist.

Mussolini made vitriolic attacks against Christianity and the Catholic Church, "which he accompanied with provocative and blasphemous remarks about the consecrated host and about a love affair between Christ and Mary Magdalen."[77] He believed that socialists who were Christian, or who accepted religious marriage should be expelled from the party. He denounced the Catholic Church for "its authoritarianism and refusal to allow freedom of thought..." Mussolini's paper La Lotta di Classe had an anti-Christian editorial stance.[77]