Friday, April 16, 2010

Church Cover up! Lying Bastards!!!!

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A timeline of crimes committed by God's man on Earth

I am so sick of these so called men of god raping these kids and the church backs them up. These rapey priests and the pope included, needs to be thrown in a prison. These rapists have been preying on children for years. Is this why the age of consent at the Vatican is 13 years of age? I get tired of these hypocrites have been accusing atheists and other progressives of coming for your kids,,that was the mantra they are coming for your kids, well its interesting that the same people who were yelling this lie about coming for your kids...were actually coming in your kids the dirty bastards!
They need to go from getting some young ass to being the new ass in a prison. Arrest the pope and thse rapey priests.

Given the rash of reports about the current pope's alleged involvement in the cover-up of clerical child abuse in a number of countries, I thought I'd produce a timeline for the convenience of anyone studying the matter.
It's no doubt incomplete, but hopefully helpful to those studying the issue.

March 1977: Ratzinger appointed Archbishop of Munich by Pope Paul VI.

January 1980: Ratzinger chairs the Munich Diocesan Council meeting where the case of a priest, Peter Hullermann, accused of sex abuse is discussed. (Hullerman, 31, had plied an 11 year old boy with alcohol and then had the kid blow him)
The Council decides to refer the priest to counseling.

Oh, that's a great move,Popey!
Nothing like a little counseling when it comes to sex crimes on kids.

Within weeks Hullerman is reassigned to another parish. (Ratzinger's man in Munich, Gerhard Gruber, has since assumed "full responsibility" for this assignment, noting that there were more than 1,000 priests in the archdiocese and that Ratzinger
entrusted that kind of personnel matter to his subordinates.)

No, it doesn't work that way.
YOU took responsibility for the position so it's ON YOU.

(Rev. Hullerman is to be convicted in 1986 of molesting young boys but is only suspended from the priesthood
recently when this news story breaks.)

November 17, 1981:

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Anonymous said...

Good luck arresting the Pope. Maybe you should be looking into this:
It would seem to me that the Priests are gay and are simply following what they are hard wired to be attracted to young boys.