Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Racist Teabaggers

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Why you never hear the tea baggers voicing their outrage on this issue?

selective outrage.......why yes!

That's because their rage is raced-based.
They don't care about the money and they don't care about the war.
They just want that black man out of the White House.
Did you know the Tea Baggers are 99 percent white? I mean their taxes have been cut so what are they angry about?


Anonymous said...

And you have talked to every single Tea bagger. You are lame.

I know plenty of conservatives that hated Bush and didn't support the war. It is funny that you fools look the other way as your black President expands the second war carries out illegal air strikes and assignations. Where is the outrage? I think you are showing your hatred of white males. You don't if their taxes went up or down unless you audited all of them. You pathetic poorgressives raised cigarette taxes not that long ago which impacted many lower income folks and now you want to tax sugar and everything else you can get your grubby fingers on. Look at how much the price of gas has gone up if that isn't a tax I don't know what is. Taxes are going to have to be raised. I know as a poorgressives you want to make the wealthy pay poor go ahead. Tax them at 90 percent and see how many of them stay here. Oh wait then you will have to pass laws not letting them take their wealth out of the country. Now since the wealthy have armies of accounts they will circumvent the tax increases meaning that you and your commie buddies will have to go down the food chain to feed the welfare beast. If you add up the percentages of non whites receiving welfare it is now higher than the percentages of whites getting such handouts; and as the white population continues to fall and the non white groups grow we will have passed into mob rule. White males have become second class citizens and seem to be waking up to that reality.
Obama is turning out to be the worst President in American History. The man is an idiot.

Anonymous said...

This woman is a socialist...she is an idiot: The handful of white poorgressives in the audience had to laugh at the right point and clap at the end; but they just had to have been thinking what a moron.


john said...

I haven't talked to all tea party supporters nor the tea baggers. But "Gee Whiz" there seems to be a trend toward the fact that the anger they feel is toward not wanting to share entitlement programs like (Medicare/Social Security). They don't talk about the debt to much.

Republicans like Ronald Reagan,Dwight Eisenhower and Barry Goldwater would be ran out of the "tea party/baggers" movement today. They just wouldn't pass the "purity test" that they would have to take.(It appears a lot of the tea-baggers wouldn't today either.)

This rant about welfare from the first post!!! Let me ask you a question ?? Are you just as outraged at corporate welfare?? Do you know that the majority of people on welfare are white??.

Learn how to spell and get a clue on what the hell your talking about. Quit listening to talk radio and try to figure the new "nigga's on the block" isn't non-white's its working class people of all color's and creeds. "Stop The Hate And Educate."

Anonymous said...

Hey John is that best you've got that is a few spelling errors. Sorry I don't have time to proofread everything that I write down. I am sure that many of the first time black voters for Obama couldn't tell you who the Allied Powers were nor the Axis Powers were but hey they did vote for your guy so I am sure that you will give them a pass.
Corporate welfare is a tough one especially since all of our trading partners also hand out such goodies to their own corporations. Lastly it is true that there are more white as a total number of people on welfare than all others but that will not be the case in the not so distant future. I will get back to this when I have more time.
My last point is that I don't watch Fox News. I get my info from the Intertubes, BBC, NPR, etc.
Let us halve a debate on welfare and Corporate welfare.