Monday, October 27, 2008

I Really Like This One.

I think this thing about Palin's clothes are not that important. I mean come on if you put lipstick on a pig its still a pig. But it seems ole Palin is going off the deep end and "going rogue" as some McCain supporters are putting it. But its his fault for picking such a dolt for a running mate. I am enjoying the entropy of the McCain campaign. While my side (the smart one )is doing so well in the polls.TMcCain campaign are failing like O.J.'s Simpson career.:)


Anonymous said...

Obama a socialist? Give it a listen. Doesnt like the premise of the constitution? huh??


Jerry's Blog said...

no and your meeeeeennnn buddy.

I bet Palin is smarter then you.

Anonymous said...

Anthony! Your too talented not to be on a Radio Show! Hopefully when Obama wins, you can get back to radio! BTW, do you have any podcasts of your old show? I would like to listen to them!