Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Pretty Good!

Do Atheists shoot up Family Planning Clinics and murder doctors?
Do Atheists murder homosexuals?
Do Atheists protest at military funerals saying we get what we deserve because of gays?
Do Atheists defend hurricanes by saying we get what we deserve because of gays?
Do Atheists rape children because they are in a position to do so?
Do Atheists try to murder police at a police funeral because they don't like government?

Atheists don't do those things because there's no book and no Invisible Cloud Being
telling us we have to do those things.

Ask a religious man why he hates gays and he'll say, "Because God says we have to."

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Anonymous said...

Your straw-men need some back bone. To imply that atheist are saint's is a bit much.

Himmler was an atheist and he certainly had Jewish rabbis killed.

Atheist have little to offer that is say that your mother not an atheist just learns your dad has been killed in a car wreck:

You: “Hey Mom, sorry about dad dying...I just want you to know that he will soon be rotting and stinking in the ground and will soon be worm food, and then will become part of nature.” Pause. “Isn't it neat that he, like all of us have no real purpose in life. We live, we die, then we rot.”