Monday, September 13, 2010

Hey Mr. President Listen Up!

"I am concerned about all Senate nominations these days. I’ve got people who have been waiting for six months to get confirmed who nobody has an official objection to and who were voted out of committee unanimously, and I can’t get a vote on them.We've got judges who are pending. We've got people who are waiting to help us on critical issues like homeland security. And it's very hard when you’ve got a determined minority in the Senate ...that are just playing games. It’s time to stop playing games."
-- Obama, doing his best "Please don't hurt me" impression,

Hey Barack, you've been playing the woe-is-me card for 20 months how's that working out?

Have you ever considered TAKING power instead of begging The Bitch for some?
Have you considered acting like a PRESIDENT instead of a scared little schoolgirl?

Your refusal to act like a man could cost the dems BIG-time in November.

Worse, it's going to make ME look stupid because I didn't think you could
screw things up so much that voters would beg for the Bush dummies to come back.

If I bought you a copy of The War Room would you watch it?

Everything you need to kick fascist Neocon idiotic Dog ass is in this DVD.Basically, the strategy here is when they tell a clumsy lie about you at 1 PM,your honest rebuttal with the facts is released at 1:30 and you do that every time. In other words, do the opposite of what Kerry did in 2004 and what you're doing now.

It's called "Listing the facts."
You should try that instead of wringing your hands and moaning.

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