Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Whats The Big Deal?

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I mean does every woman walking down the street in New York agree????
What is the big deal here? Ines Sainz the hot Brazilian reporter..She claims that she was not offended until some other women she talked with made her feel that she should be. Why do women complain when they go inside a man's locker room and we behave know men? If women reporters are so sensitive about men's locker rooms then stay out of them. I get so tired of men having to change who we are in our own habitat. Stop this fake outrage now! She is a hot chick dressed the way she does as a reporter then enters a men's locker room and then is hocked that there are catcalls.
Stay out then! I don't agree that it was sexual harassment. Why is it when a man look at a sexually suggestively dressed hot woman who wants us to look at them why do they act like we are just animals???? This is much ado about nothing. Leave these players alone.

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