Thursday, September 16, 2010

It's So Unfactual!!!!

BullDooky! I need a woman to be experienced and if she can not please herself then how in he hell can she please me. I want a woman with some whore factor!

This is sooooo good it is writing itself.Although the sell out media is blowing this thing up to get people riled up. This is no big deal! Just as I predicted a few months back. I am going to get an early Christmas present this year. Repubs are dying and the teabaggers are killing them I love it. The teabaggers are screwing it up for everybody. Look I do not hate Christine at all. I actually like her and her bravery to stand up for what she believes in. She is cute and sexy and has pockets of intelligence and looney as hell. Now with that said I think she is a loon and I can't wait for the general election. Don't listen to the media about this woman's accomplishments. Its a primary election of of course she won it. It's no big deal to win a primary if you offer something new. It's the general election that will separate the loons from the non-loons. But if she wins(I don't see how) the general elec The congress will be getting pretty interesting. either way I win. So I hope the teabaggers win every primary and I hope Palin wins the primary for 2012 and I just love how the lying right triumphs over the ultra lying right. Keep up the good work for me Palin you are so "unfactual".Lol

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