Thursday, September 02, 2010

Muslims Need Not Apply!

Boy do we hate those muslims in this country or what? I mean we sure do not mind taking their rights away and then conflating them with terrorists. I have always said that we do not really have rights in this country. Plus we give only lip service to these so called freedoms. Now it seems that a Imam who btw owns part of fox news and has been on the station many times, and is now being called a radical cleric(fox news loves to use that title) and they are building that "Mosque"(which is really a cultural center open to all faiths) at ground zero. Which btw is not at ground zero. What this is really is anti muslim bigotry based in Christianity and wrapped in patriotism. And they should be ashamed of themselves but then these are the same bigots who will tell you Obama is a muslim. Any religious or non-religious group who owns private land should build whatever they want. Either we have rights or we don't no exceptions! Plus don't tell me how the Qu'ran has bad things in it.
Well so does that damn Bible. Its funny how these bigots are giving us this hallow ground bull crap when there has been a Mosque at ground zero for forty years.

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