Monday, September 13, 2010

Wake Up Obama!!!

“We hoped for a chance to get beyond some of the old political divides between Democrats and Republicans, because although we are proud to be Democrats, we are prouder to be Americans - and we believed that no single party has a monopoly on wisdom."
-- Obama, still trying to reason with the snarling, barking dog.(damn liberal)
You are supposed to shoot the dog.

Are the dems just dedicated to not fighting back? I mean what in the hell are they doing? I mean the repubs are easy to beat.Why can't Obama wrap his head around the facts in front of his face? He's NOT going to reach, or reason with, the snarling, barking dog.For Christ's sake, Barack, it's a snarling f-ing dog.

This is what Obama is facing.

This is what Obama thinks he's facing.

The snarling dog CAN'T reason the way we do it has no brain or cognitive ability.
The snarling, foaming-at-the-mouth dog isn't going to hear or understand anything Obama says.

Why can't our president learn that?

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Anonymous said...

Talk about stirring the pot, for real, are you just trying to keep folks at odds with each other or what's your deal?