Thursday, December 18, 2008

Open Letter To The Lord.

Dear God I do not come to you often...okay who I am kidding not in a long time. But Lord I ask that you grant me what I am asking for because I really deserve it. Plus it would mean a lot to me. First of all, I am not asking you for money or to nail that hot chick down the street or even to help my favorite team to win in games. I would never presume on our relationship like others have done and ask you to cheat in sports for me. Or even the silly claim that you take sides in wars(how stupid is that). All I am asking for God, is that you let that crazy wacked out lady Sarah Palin still stick around and continuing to delude her into still thinking she is relevant. So I can continue to kick her around and making fun of her being an intellectual light weight or dummy.. Also God, I fear that the Republicans might do something smart like actually listen and follow Bobby Jindal(R- intelligent guy and Obama on the right) who actually has ideas for the party to follow by opening up the doors to minorities and making that party a driving force in the future. I mean, I have noticed that many of these neo cons do not know who Jindal is(big ups to you on that God keep them stupid). Please let them follow Palin and her wacked out views therefore weakening the party and making them even more irrelevant. Please God if you do this for me. I will not screw with those scientologists and hippie liberal christians on the Plaza anymore....maybe. PS: God, on the way home one day Lord this neo con republican's dog barked and tried to bite me Lord. Please give him doggy cancer or even better, let him get hit by a car driven by a liberal animal lover on his way to an A.S.P.C.A event and then let him die Jesus's name I pray Amen..U Da man!!

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