Tuesday, December 23, 2008

When Right Wingers Attack!

Hey folks you got to hear this tape of idiot neocon host Mark Levin go at it with liar idiot neocon host Bill O'reilly. Bill attacks all neocons(Limbaugh,Hannity etc)for being what I have always have said and known that they were liars and idiots, and Levin attacks O'reilly back for telling the truth about them. The funny part is that both guys are telling the truth about each other and their ilk. I love it when the ultra right triumphs over the even stupider ultra right. These guys do not like FACTS! Oh this is so great that these haters are destroying each other.BTW does not Levin sound like some caricature of a right wing host? I mean he sounds like he is doing a skit. But believe it or not he is real and that's sad.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy Christmas


Nikki said...


Do me a fave and when you get a chance, shoot me a phone call? My phone totally died, so I didn't have a chance to save my contacts list.

Hope to hear from you soon, and Happy New Year!

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