Thursday, December 18, 2008

More Fake Outrage!!!

When does this stuff end....Okay folks here we go again with stupidity from the right(fake outrage crowd) as usual.Here is a photo of Obama the President -Elect from his freshman year in college. At first glance he appears to be smoking a joint. Then you notice its just a real cool way of handling a cigarette. Now he posed for these pics with that stupid hat on back in 1981. Now these pics are completely innocent. But watch how the right blows this pic out of proportion.The whore so called liberal press has made this photo of many ...the front page. But as they are doing their thing just remember Obama has been open in his books about his drug use. But Bush has many criminal records of arrests on drunk and driving and cocaine use which he tried to hide. But they never talk about that on the lying right. You see these people are beyond hypocritical. They are engaging in what the great Digby coined "intellectual violence". You see the right wing nut cases or neo cons have no ideas anymore and they are a dying(thank you Jesus)breed. Quick examples.....the attacks on Obama and his administration. This has been the most effectively picked cabinet in the nations history. But it is lost on the lying right. Meanwhile,Bush as been the biggest screw up since forever! You see the right wing does not like the law or rule of law and they do not believe in following rules or facts(if you don't believe me, then cite me any instance when they did not try to defund or impede and cooperated with quickly and fully and not try to block any investigation?.....don't worry I'll wait). They really talk a good game. They also just make up it up as they go along. When Fitzgerald rightfully came after the Bushies...Fox news and there ilk portrayed him as and called him a "rogue prosecutor"!And bitched about being persecuted and never cooperated with the investigation. But now since he is after a all of a sudden he's ok now and the democrats must follow the rule of law.Riiight.

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