Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Neo Cons Who?

You know, I hear the dribble coming from the dying lying right about Obama,Hillary and and his pick for his kick ass financial and foreign policy teams. I am here to tell you folks that these right wingers have a failed vision and they failed America with their deregulation and want to make government small which is bull crap because we had the biggest government growth under Reagan. They are so full of it. They do not matter anymore. Forget O'reilly,Hannity,Coulter,Ingraham,Limbaugh, their visions harmed the country. George Bush just admitted that he was unprepared for war and he was wrong on WMD'S. But if you listened to Wavestation X or read this blog you already knew that years ago. To show you how pathetic these cultists are,you have still some of them who believe that Obama was born in Africa and never presented his birth certificate. Okay now see why I am glad these idiots did not win. Despite the facts to the contrary ie Hawaii making a statement the actual certificate being made public state seal and all. Also it being reviewed by reporters and experts,he has a passport(submission of certificate is needed for background check)(I have one)this list goes on and on....see what I mean. Now there are hosts locally and nationally who has actually said that well it could be true and did not take a stand because of pure cowardice and stupidity.Just remember this, if left up to conservatives there would be not tolerance or civil rights or minorities or women voting and etc. They have been on the wrong side of history and continues to do so because they are stupid and unyielding to change. So ignore them they don't matter. They talk plenty of crap because they are like lost children and cultist who have lost their way and leadership they are pathetic little empty vessels. In the face of current economic situation check out these facts. These are due to tax cuts giving to rich people and corporations by republican administrations;

Here's the count. You decide.

Dwight Eisenhower: 2 recessions
Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford: 2 recessions
Ronald Reagan: 1 recession
George H.W. Bush: 1 recession
George W. Bush: 2 recessions

Here are the Democrats:

John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson: no recessions
Jimmy Carter: one recession, the briefest of the era
Bill Clinton: no recessions

Eight to one: As I say, you decide.

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