Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Thank You Jesus,Silence of the Skank!

Gosh thanksgiving was made even more wonderful and thankful when I found out the Coultergeist got jaw boned. I was so glad to hear that she broke her jaw and it is wired shut...see God don't like ugly. This woman has said the most vicious most vile anti-American and racist inhuman things that someone can say about a person. Try reading all of her books...I have and I will never get that time back(google her sometime if you think I am too harsh). Now before all of you get all pissed off at me ..I do believe in free speech and I never believed that this succubus should be censored..Ever! But as is my nature. I will always take the time to find joy and revel in a neo cons pain and misfortune and suffering. I love to make fun of them that's my right as an American. I know some people are saying Anthony you should be ashamed of yourself laughing at her..be better than that. Well to hell what you liberals think. I am better than that but at least I am honest. Now the witch claims she fell and broke it...sounds like a lie to me. But I am hoping some woman in a bar socked her a couple of times with a nice left hook(I do not advocate violence against people BTW) But hell its Ann Coulter. Omigosh I just remembered she will not be able to promote her new stupid book that's coming out. Oh its so shameful..Now in all seriousness really, I do wish her a speedy recovery(well maybe not too speedy). I like to keep kicking her around and her sister in stupidity Sarah Palin too. And to all of you neo cons and supporters who say oh Anthony your just bitter. I respond by saying bitter about what? My side won. My side has been on the right side of history. Nope no bitterness here..I just really enjoy kicking you guys around especially when your down.Anthony's note:You know she might be like this for a few weeks at least past the new year...Hmmm christmas ain't looking too bad either.:)

Read for yourself.


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