Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pretty Ricky!

All you liberals please get off Obama's case with this Rick Warren thing. I am not saying that I agree with Warren on anything. But the PE(president elect)has a right to have whomever he wants at his shindig. Did anyone even bother listening to Barack on the campaign trail or did you just hear what you wanted to hear(these are different skill sets you know)?...I actually listened. So why is this surprising? You see folks, this is the danger of partison politics. The left and right are so myopic with their views that that try to project them on others. Look everyone has views we agree and disagree with. That's America! We will not always agree.Get a life and stop crying.

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Marcus said...

I remember the good ol' days when pandering to the bottom of the barrel or the back of the class was not tolerated. Rick Warren is a piece of shit of a human and Obama is a dumb sonuvabitch for inviting that douche (in my most humble opinion, of course).