Sunday, December 14, 2008

Watch The Shoes.

I know you all have seen the footage of Bush,having not one but two shoes thrown at him by a an irate reporter. First I thought this was funny and this shows how much this man is hated around the world. Plus he can duck really well.I will say this... that reporter should have his credentials revoked and should receive a personal ass whipping from the president himself. Obviously this is the end result of neo con philosophy folks. But I do not think the president should have shoes thrown at him.Also I would be having a talk with that secret service detail. But I have to admit that stuff is sooo funny.


Marcus said...

Rather than it being against the law to throw shoes at politicians, it should be a law that all politicians should wear helmets.

Dawn said...

I agree, it seemed funny at first, but you're right..he shouldn't have thrown the shoes. But I also found it funny how SLOW the secret service were to think they wanted him to get hit?