Monday, October 05, 2009

Dumb Quotes!

"I was talking to an Obongo supporter recently about religion and this person mentioned people living for hundreds of years, reported from the Bible. I retorted that there was no proof that people lived for hundreds of years. My antagonist then stated that Dinosaurs were fakes and created by intelligent people. I looked at this person not believing what they had just said but then I realized that I was speaking to an ignorant Obongo voter. I asked this person if they had ever went fossil hunting since I had done so in HS when this person said, “I went to a black school.”

It is amusing to me that a super majority of black people who voted for Obongo are religious nuts.
-Fascist dog neo con totally unaware he is full of shit and pretending that the right wing are rational and Palin is a Genius.


Anonymous said...

In the first place I am not a Neocon nor did I vote for McCain the slobbering Bush sucking dog that he is; nor I would I possibly support Palin whose IQ is even lower than yours if that is even possible. Next I never claimed that there were no religious nuts on the Right; of course there are; actually inline with so many black Obongo supporters meaning that the Republicans should go after black voters. Lastly I have never supported our involvement in the Middle East on behalf of Israel. I am hard core anti Jewish. You need to look up the definition of a Neocon if you are even able to comprehend what you read.

According to a survey recently released by a Christian research firm known as The Barna Group, African- Americans are the most religious ethnic/racial group in America. In addition, they appear to have grown even more religious over the past 15 years. The findings are based on a survey which included 1,272 Black participants.
For example, 92 percent of Blacks surveyed consider themselves Christians.
This compares to 85 percent of the general population. Nearly 66 percent of African-Americans say the Bible is “totally accurate” in all of the principles it teaches. Only 49 percent of the general population believes that to be true. And 86 percent of Blacks say their religious faith is “very important” in their lives while only 72 percent of the general public feels that way.
The Barna report concludes, “While the beliefs and behaviors of America’s White population have changed little since the early 1990s, the new research underscored that the faith of African- Americans is dynamic, generally moving in a direction that is more aligned with conservative biblical teachings.”
Ironically, while Blacks may uphold conservative biblical principles, other studies show them to be the country’s most liberal ethnic or racial voting block.

John said...

A lot of people who are deeply religous take the bible literaly as the truth. (this could be a Obama supporter as well as a republican.) People believe in stupid things,like death panels,WMD's in Iraq,all muslims hating america and there are people who think that Sarah Palin is well "SMART".

Anthony said...

Its funny how people like you make great assumptions about me. As far as IQ, I will ignore that illogical statement. You give me five reputable scientific journals that the bell curve has been favorably reviewed in as an actual exact real science. No neocon rags either and I will listen to your point of view. If you can't ,then your are just another neocon fire bomber throwing lies and platitude around.

Anonymous said...

Well, Sir, as you already know most scientists that might privately agree with some points in stated in the Bell Curve are too chicken to come out and defend such points do to the PC backlash that would be sure to come their way much like what happened to Crick. This guy got creamed by the system here. Lastly your reading skills seem lacking. I stated quite clearly that I am not a Neocon.
You setup a straw man. You need to account for the dearth of blacks in the hard sciences and the dismal failure of black culture here in the states and around the world. People are beginning not to believe the old, tired excuses.

“Dear John,
I have been very distressed to see the letter to the President of the National Academy by you and six other Academy members regarding a Proposal by Dr. [William] Shockley [Nobel laureate in physics]. Like you I have not published anything on the population problem, but f have become fairly familiar with the literature of the subject. I have also talked to Dr, Jensen when he visited the Salk Institute recently.
Unlike you and your colleagues I have formed the opinion that there is much substance to [Berkeley psychologist Arthur] Jensen’s arguments. In brief I think it likely that more than half the difference between the average I.Q. of American whites and Negroes is due to genetic reasons, and will not be eliminated by any foreseeable change in the environment. Moreover I think the social consequences of this are likely to be rather serious unless steps are taken to recognize the situation.
While any present conclusions are tentative, it seems likely that the matter could be largely resolved if further research were carried out. I should thus like to know two things. Would you and your colleagues please state in detail why they think the arguments put forward by Jensen are either incorrect or misleading. Secondly, would they please indicate what research they think should be done to establish to what extent "intelligence" is inherited. This is surely the important point, and is equally valid for a country without a racially mixed population.
The most distressing feature of your letter is that it neither gives nor refers to any scientific arguments, but makes unsupported statements of opinion, This, I need hardly remind you, is politics, not science. The voice of established authority, unsupported by evidence or argument, should have no place in science, and I am surprised to find that you, of all people, should put your name to a letter of this character written to the Academy on a matter of scientific research. I am cure you will realize that if the Academy were to take active steps to suppress reputable scientific research for political reasons it would not be possible for me to remain a Foreign Associate.”

Anthony said...

It is you who cannot read. I asked you very pointedly to NOT give me some rightwing rag(parapundit). It seems you can not follow simple instructions.Let me be clear on this.Your red herring went nowhere. The original question still stands.
I will not let you sneak out of it.Because you know what I know about the bell curve that the science is unconvincing. You need that book to feel superior. But to hear you talk its some great "conspiracy" of the scientific world.....Riiiight! I do not have to account for the dearth of anything or anyone. Your making these claims,the burden of proof is on the you understand me! I am familiar with Crick's statement backing up Watson(whom you did not mention)Although as a man of science I do respect their work in their respective fields of DNA and what they have accomplished,lets us remember they were not the real pioneers of DNA. Look up the name of "Rosalind Franklin". But I digress,Also it is important to note that both Crick and Watson although great scientists in their own right were not well versed in the disciplines of psychology,sociology,evolutionary biology. Watson has also made interesting comments about women and aborting homosexual fetuses.He regularly made heated statements as such. So I am not shocked that you brought up Cricks statement(which you did not go into detail about)supporting Watson's comments about the African nation that shocked the the world and scientific community. I do not think these men were racists.Unlike other bell curve supporters and people who try to spin it that way. But he later explained it here:::Watson told the Associated Press:
"I cannot understand how I could have said what I am quoted as having said. To all those who have drawn the inference from my words that Africa, as a continent, is somehow genetically inferior, I can only apologize unreservedly. That is not what I meant. More importantly from my point of view, there is no scientific basis for such a belief." So my challenge still stands..either pony up or shut up and quit wasting my time with stupid racist postings.So I will ask you one last time show me proof or NOT!

Anonymous said...

African churches denounce children as ‘witches’
Pastors accuse thousands of children, leading to torture or death