Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I do not know what this had to do with that posting about black holes but maybe you guys can figure this one out for me.You can read the rest of this at the posting below in the comments section.
"I believe the issue here Anthony, isnt rather or not a black hole is described in the Bible as a black hole but what exactly is a black hole. In the bible it is mentined several times over that there is an eternal bottomless pit of wich the destroyer will reign. So let me set this up using scripture.

Rev :9:11 "They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek, Apollyon." note: Abaddon and Apollyon mean Destroyer.

HELL is also refered to as "sheol" and is translated "lowest pit." (Deuteronomy 32:22; Psalms 86:13) HELL is translated "pit" in (Psalms 55:15)

Abyss defined as a bottomless pit."
- -Big Dog going off the deep end and pretending to answer a scientific question but failing miserably by using useless scripture and a whole lot of imagination thinking he is being scientific.

Don't you hate it when believers pull that religion dressed up as science bullsh*t?

WHAT EVER DUDE! Your kidding me right..you can't be serious?

Its great that people have a chance to misrepresent what I say.That was a clever twist on words on your part. And the scripture is bullcrap because its very non specific. Which I have always found interesting. I love how you Jesus people love to give this vague scripture and attribute it to god. If god is all knowing and powerful then he or she does not need to impart very vague wording in "scripture" to get his point across. In other words, I think god would have used the term "black holes" and other specifics if that was truly what he was trying to say. Why would he use vague passages to later be interpreted or misinterpreted by his followers when he could have simply have just said "black holes are out there" and used terms like "heat death"? Now I know some people may say..well that word was not invented yet. But he is god and he would have invented it if he wanted to. Bigdog please in the future please actually bring me facts and not insult me with silly useless scripture from a book of fiction such as the bible. You need the bible and accept it on faith, I on the other hand ..do not,please do not try to compare science with the bible again.I have the feeling that when you were writing this.You really thought for a second that you were proving a point...well you didn't. What you have done is lead me to think that you are not capable of having a serious adult conversation without bringing this mystical crap up and making me think that people like you have some sort of mental disorder and very very gullible. I hardly ever criticize religion on this blog. The reason is because I respect different belief systems. But I must draw the line when someone insults my intelligence or my readers intelligence with this pointless scripture and misrepresentation.


Marcus said...

They don't learn... let me rephrase that: They CAN'T learn. It's the god of the gaps (gaps in knowledge). There is a giant malignant emptiness in their head where their god sits judging and punishing (they call it "loving")- talk about bottomless pits- the REAL black holes are between their ears. Look into the eyes of the faithful and you can see the event horizon.
I like the christians that don't believe in Hell (or Heaven for that matter) and take the words of Yeshua, when he spoke of it in Mark, to mean the firery pits outside the city where the people burned their trash and unclaimed criminal bodies.
Hell was an invention of anti-semetic romans (the same ones that invented his religion)- the same ones bigdog likes to demonize. I can't respect such ignorance no matter how "good" it makes people feel. End the goddamn stupidity that is religion.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA!! Oh man my gut hurts!!!Talk about misrepresenting what is said. Noticing how dishonest you are.

Where are the quotes about thermaldynamics and how the term heat death isnt used correctly in your article. Where is the illinformed rebutal on that point and for those points i brought up, you claim i didnt bring you any facts and i did. I used scientific facts to describe how your article as misleading. I Notice how you didnt address those issues on your blog. So you copy and paste something you consider subjective and left the real facts out of the debate.Very very interesting move by someone who claims to be honest in his thinking.

How ignorant and intellectual dishonest can you get evil penis?

Secondly. I showed you scripture that mentions what could be described as a black hole but not named black hole. Seems this term is mankinds term and the Abyss is GODS term. You cant clearify your position one way or the other because your article just got fucked up and GOD did mention something that can be interpreted as a black hole. This was my point.

Marcus is another useless putz when it comes to science and its applications. Remembering he called GOD the "initial primary mover" on his blog and in the same breath claims he doesnt exist. By that admitance, he recognises GOD as the creator. Oh and he claims subjective morality is absolute....LMAO!!! go away....shooo fly!!


P.S. The evil penis and his article just got trampled on.

Anonymous said...

Marcus the West wouldn't be the West without taking into account the effects of Christianity.

Anonymous said...

This is Evil. It is just evil that's what it is. How dare these people want to live amongst their own kind?


Marcus said...

"Marcus the West wouldn't be the West without taking into account the effects of Christianity."

So? The Dark Ages wouldn't be the Dark Ages without taking into account the effects of Christianity, either. If you're trying to imply we'd be worse off, I disagree.

As for bigdog and his accusations of twisting words and taking things out of context, that's the Pot calling the Kettle "Nigger".

Anonymous said...

Well Marcus you don't know what you are babbling on about...Christianity played a pivotal role in the evolution of Western Civilization, like it or not. You are like one of the many termites that have been chewing away at the soft underbelly of the West for decades. It is obvious that you aren’t that well educated.

Marcus said...

"Marcus the West wouldn't be the West without taking into account the effects of Christianity."

"Christianity played a pivotal role in the evolution of Western Civilization"

You can repeat yourself all you want but you're not saying anything in these comments. If I were any smarter I would be ignoring your idiotic comments. Stick to your masked torchlight speeches in front of the cross- them fellers getcha.

Anonymous said...

Marcus like I said you aren't very well educated.

Your hatred for the West and what it has given you is noted.

I think you can move to Cuba without too much trouble.


Preferential treatment exists for those who are members of the Communist Party or who hold positions of power within the government.[14] Access to transportation, work, housing, university education and better health care are a function of status within the government or the Communist Party.[



John said...

I also wonder what the world would have been like if science was embrace more than religon in the 15th to 16th century's??? We may be more advanced in the sciences and maybe exploring in deep space or have the technology to pursue that goal.

As far as Christianity playing a big part in western culture. I don't disagree that much but I like to point out that it was also the contributions of the Greeks who made significant contributions in the development of western thought.(democracy,philosophy). The Romans built roads and grand buildings which played in the development of the west also.(The last time I checked these guys weren't Christans)

Religon gives comfort to people who need to figure out things but it also can make you stupid and irrational. Dogmatic beliefs make you do crazy shit like killing someone who doesn't believe like you do or call them unamerican.

Good posting Marcus. We need good foot soldiers like you in the real war on terror. "The War Against Stupid People!!!"

Anonymous said...

Good posting Marcus. We need good foot soldiers like you in the real war on terror. "The War Against Stupid People!!!"

Gee, John you probably shouldn't turn your back on Marcus then.


It is odd no Africans...

or how about this:


Oh I forgot...the Greeks stole all the good stuff from the Dark Egyptians...never mind.

John said...

Gee Anonymous you really have a mental "Hardon" for Marcus!!! or anyone who are "critical thinkers".

Dude don't quote a website to make you seem like your smart. It isn't working. I don't rank the race of humans like a poll for sports like you do. I'm not obsessed by that like you seem to be. All I will write on this subject is that human history is diverse and full of the best and the worst of our nature.