Friday, October 16, 2009

Too Bad????

No need to be shocked. This is how I see it. To hell with who does not like it.Btw I think he should have been able to buy the team what's fair is fair. But his stupid mouth fixed it for him. Which is interesting considering that some of the owners are a little red in the neck and bigoted. Remember the good old days when bigots let you know who they were? Now they hide behind being birthers,deathers and tea baggers and fox news watchers and Limbaugh listeners and limousine liberals.


Anonymous said...

Another interesting case since the NFL and professional basketball teams are over 80 percent black. Where is the call for more diversity? When blacks dominate an area of society they are ok with that but say when another area is dominated by white males…oh my God how horrible and evil that is. The only time diversity is put forth as a priority is when there are two many white males in a particular job category. Black people are some of the most bigoted, and racists people on the planet.

John said...

Gee I don't know why some in the NFL didn't want Rush to be in on the ownership group trying to purchase the Rams???? It just couldn't been the time he was on ESPN and made a comment about Donavon Mcnabb being marketed by the NFL cause he was a black QB and not cause he is a top player.(Of course Rush was high back then so he must not remember what he said!!!) Oh and he was just kidding when he said that the NFL now resembles "the Bloods and Crips???" And he's kidding when he calls President Obama a "Halfrican"??

Don't feel sorry for Rush cause he will milk the victim act as a oppressed "Whitemale" for all its worth. I thought that conservatives aren't victims????

Anonymous said...

I cant wait for the defamation lawsuit. This should be another classic victory for Limbaugh.

Anonymous said...

John the NFL does resemble the Blood and Crips. Most of the players are thugs.

White males are being oppressed in this society...when the backlash comes it won't be pretty.

Obongo is going to turn out to be the most divisive leader in the last hundred years. The man is an absolute fraud.

John said...

I find it interesting that Rush wants to be associated with a product that the majority of its players he has contempt for. Rush was part of the ownership group and not a majority owner!!!! He was dropped by Dave Checketts who was the majority owner of that group.(FACT)

The majority of NFL players are good citizens. They play a violent game but aren't violent toward other people outside of the lines.

Sports was one of the first things that was intergrated. This helped to bring intergration in our society as a whole.If white males dominate a area its ok as long as a person of color has the same opportunity to participate on a fair and equal footing.(Tiger Woods for example!!)

Anonymous said...

John: How do you arrange a fair and equal footing?

Jews dominate chess how do you expand the game for others at the level of Jewish players?

I am an average chess player and in no way could I beat any of the top Jewish players. Oh I know...I can complain using the power of the hundreds of white civil rights organization to make sure that Jewish chess players are being fair and equal...oh wait there aren't any such organizations for me to use.

John said...

Anonymous WTF are you writing about??? What is your point??? Do you have a point???

Look let me make this simple for you. Example: I'm not saying that the NHL (National Hockey League) should go out a recruit blacks to play in that sport. If through scouting a team finds a black kid
who can play hockey at a level then he should get the opportunity
to play.(minor league etc.) His ability as a athlete along with other factors will determine how he progress...............!!!!!

Last time I checked there isn't a civil rights campaign to push for this because if a kid is good enough the top scouts are recruiters will know about him/or her. Thats my point..!!!!

LeeLee said...

Of course...owning a sports team is a repubs last opportunity to own black men. And to battle their black men against each other.
Cause let's face it, selective breeding during slavery created a master race of athletes that knocked the white man out of contention.
Damn, don't you hate it when that happens.
Fortunately I'm a white woman. Our credit is still good universally. LOL.