Friday, October 16, 2009

Readers Comment!

"To my way of thinking this case points out one camp call it individual rights and the other camp group rights. As a conservative I believe in personal rights not group rights but we seem to now be living in a society filled with collectivism. I should have every right to hire whom I want, to rent to whom I want, and to hang out with whom I want but under the current paradigm I am to be punished for acting on what I consider just, to me. The couple in question could always go somewhere else to be married though from reading of the female involved in this issue getting a degree in minority studies, whatever that means; I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy refusing them his services wasn’t being targeted much like say Rosa Parks who targeted the bus line and worked for the NAACP."

-WSX reader saying its ok to racially discriminate against people and also taking public dollars at the same time.
I have always thought that,this was the point of the whole Rosa Parks thing,that you can't take public dollars and use them to discriminate against other groups of people, which inturn overturned a bad bad law. Usually that's called democracy but the right wing calls it socialism. Hmmmm they never seem to mind it when they, the collective group are rich guys who come in and take peoples land(eminent domain or manifest destiny-texas)

I wrote back...
Well, I would usually agree with you except for some points of contention;
For one he is a public official. Two, he is paid by tax dollars.
As far as I know there is no Jim Crow law in effect down there that prevents this couple from getting married. Now your leap in logic about him being targeted was interesting,because you offer no other evidence other than her soon to be degree in minorities studies. I would have entertained that idea if she was pursuing a degree in sociology. But even if he was being targeted then he should have followed the law and married them and not discriminated against them. It's his own fault! No one cares about his narrow minded views,his job is to shut up and marry idiots who want to get married so they can lose half their shit later in court. Or he should have quit and gotten a job in the private sector. Your opinion works great if it is a private business. But imagine a cop or firefighter or doctor not helping or saving someone because they are that fair? Or can they hold public positions and still enforce their personal beliefs that discriminate against the public at large? That's bull if you agree with that last question.I think if it's a private business in a perfect world you do as you please. But he is a public official and a stupid bigot being paid by the taxpayers.There are plenty of places a bigot of his caliber can hang out at.I work in the private sector for a reason...because there are at least three groups of people I would love to discriminate against...So I do not want to hold a public position because I respect the public trust and he should have too. Stupid F**KING bigot!

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LeeLee said...

Please, Anthony, tell me the top 3 groups you'd turn away from your private sector business.
I'd have guessed the Christians were in there but your recent client offer had you thinking.
Aren't you afraid our God (Joe Pesci)will smite you down for such acts?
Michael Moore soon.