Saturday, October 10, 2009

Proud Of You Mr. President.

Why does anyone care what a bunch of neo cons or liberals and other idiots have to say about Obama's Nobel Peace Prize?. It's too soon he has not done anything yet or he is a rookie president wah wah wah.Its all crap. First of all how special could it be if De Klerk and Kissinger have won it? I mean,hell, the guy who created the peace prize also created dynamite! Obama did not seek nor ask for the award. I understand the right wing being upset.,.I mean they're stupid and I expected the liberals to say something because most of them are wimpish and are only tough to each other. The media of course are doing the only thing no know how,which is to blow it all out of proportion. Reality check! No one cares what you guys think...ok! The Nobel board made up its mind and using their own criterion(that's plural for all of you shitkicking neo cons out there)picked Obama. What we think does not matter. I just love how all these people just love tearing this guy down. Say what you want no one cares(even those hate america first neo cons). Be proud he is not Bush and be happy for him and America.Let the actual folks involved, break it down to you.

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Wallflower said...

I think this is somewhat like Time Magazine's "Man of the Year." You don't have to like it, but just understand that the panel who decided it, SAYS SO. Madeline Albright should be SO PROUD!!!