Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Last Chance To Bell Curve Lover,Prove Your Point! What Do You Think This Is Fox News?

"Well, Sir, as you already know most scientists that might privately agree with some points in stated in the Bell Curve are too chicken to come out and defend such points do to the PC backlash that would be sure to come their way much like what happened to Crick. This guy got creamed by the system here. Lastly your reading skills seem lacking. I stated quite clearly that I am not a Neocon.You setup a straw man. You need to account for the dearth of blacks in the hard sciences and the dismal failure of black culture here in the states and around the world. People are beginning not to believe the old, tired excuses."
-Bell curve lover who claims he is not a neocon who obviously can't follow simple directions worth a damn and who thought this was a suitable response.

This is the response I received from the bell curve lover. As you can see,it was a pathetic response,plus he has a spelling problem and does not understand that the context in which he spelled the word "do" it should have been spelled "due".Sorry for the corrections, but it seems to me if you're advocating a form of white supremacy then you should ...umm well.... should be supreme on your sentence usage. But I will give him one more chance, please read below my response to his pathetic one.(note)There were some detractors for Watson(who is American btw) when he made that statement.Because the other scientists knew better then to just accept such a gratuitous statement with no evidence. Btw Crick was from Great Britain, you know that country which is filled with those evil capitalist hating socialists who we can't trust a word they say):)

More on the bell curve lie, go to these links:

My Response:
It is you who cannot read. I asked you very pointedly to NOT give me some rightwing rag(parapundit). It seems you can not follow simple instructions.Let me be clear on this.Your red herring went nowhere. The original question still stands.
I will not let you sneak out of it.Because you know what I know about the bell curve that the science is unconvincing. You need that book to feel superior. But to hear you talk its some great "conspiracy" of the scientific world.....Riiiight! I do not have to account for the dearth of anything or anyone. You're making these claims,the burden of proof is on the you understand me! I am familiar with Crick's statement backing up Watson(whom you did not mention)Although as a man of science I do respect their work in their respective fields of DNA and what they have accomplished,lets us remember they were not the real pioneers of DNA. Look up the name of "Rosalind Franklin". But I digress,Also it is important to note that both Crick and Watson although great scientists in their own right were not versed in the disciplines of psychology,sociology,evolutionary biology. Watson has also made interesting comments about women and aborting homosexual fetuses.He regularly made heated statements as such. So I am not shocked that you brought up Cricks statements(which you did not go into detail about)supporting Watson's comments about the African nation that shocked the the world and scientific community. I do not think these men were racist.Unlike other bell curve supporters and people who try to spin it that way. But he later explained it here:::Watson told the Associated Press:
"I cannot understand how I could have said what I am quoted as having said. To all those who have drawn the inference from my words that Africa, as a continent, is somehow genetically inferior, I can only apologize unreservedly. That is not what I meant. More importantly from my point of view, there is no scientific basis for such a belief." So my challenge still stands..either pony up or shut up and quit wasting my time with stupid racist postings.So I will ask you one last time show me proof or NOT!


Anonymous said...

First off let me say nice font you used; you don’t mind if I borrow it do you? Nah didn’t think so. I say thanks for spotting my word useage error…I will sleep much better now knowing that someone of your laser wit no doubt honed while getting your degree in palm reading picked up on it.
Bringing up such a man as Crick as well as say, William Shockley was to simply point out that such men are vilified in the media and academia for their views that throw equalitarian misanthropes into fits of mental paralysis as they stomp about trying to maintain the party line.
You mentioned that I love the Bell Curve…not. I don’t need that book as you proclaim to make me feeling anything. I freely acknowledge that there are many black people way smarter than me; nice try trying to accuse me of being a white supremacist since few would reference the Bell Curve in the way you have suggested simply for the reason that in the book Jews are listed number one on the IQ food chain with Asians coming in second and whites coming in third. I have stated somewhere on your cemetery blog that even if the Bell Curve is totally bogus that is the parts about IQ differences the last chapter is what is most important about the book; that is a vast and growing underclass that will given enough time swamp the system. The problem the way I see it is that white people have enough evils of their own to deal with that is as a collective without having to solve the tribulations of the black population as well as the issues of other groupings of peoples in the US.
Now back to your original point that I did answer by simply addressing what you stated by turning your words into a straw man. You know I cannot find any peer reviewed publications that would have touched the Bell Curve with a ten foot pole. It never would have been published since publishing houses, Universities, and members of academia are too afraid to venture into such PC infested waters.

These last two pages are entertaining. Notice that Jews are not called white but are considered a separate class if you will.

Mentor. Consider this. In 1999 there were 32 MacArthur winners. Fifteen were women. In the annals of human accomplishment, there is no precedent for that kind of female representation. Most of the recipients also have a distinctly left-wing flavor to their work. Others are positive flakes. Citations for the awards include phrases like "leader in the struggle for human rights in southern Africa," "scholar of race relations," "a strong socio-political sensibility in her works" etc. One of the 1995 geniuses, the feminist musicologist Susan McClary is described in the award announcement as "a musicologist who explores the relationship between human experiences and music and relates the creation of musical works to their social context." One of her major discoveries is that classical music is full of phallic themes. John Leo writing in U.S. News and World Report, observed "A lot of the [MacArthur] award winners are either ideologues . . . or low-luster laborers in the traditional vineyards of the left." I am afraid, Prodigy, that if you are looking for an antiseptic link to intelligence, the MacArthur grantees will not do.

John said...

What the hell is your point??? I don't get your fascination with the Bell Curve.

Look humans are" blank slates" when born. They learn from the enviroment they grow up in. This involve whites,blacks,mexicans etc.etc.etc. Education is a lifelong process even after getting
a degree you still are learning.

To be honest education isn't pushed enough in this country We need smart and people with common sense in this country. Thats the big issue!!! We have a brain drain because we debate stupid shit like "The Bell Curve."

I read you post and to be frank I just think you are just a real insecure person who needs to make yourself bigger than what you are. So you put out a study that really doesn't say anything about intelligence it just gives cover for RACIST!!!!.

I could give you a website for Black scientist and Doctors who invented and contribute to science but I guess I would be wasting my time.

Anonymous said...

This doesn't fit here but what the heck:

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