Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sensitive Culture????????? Man Up !!!!

I am so sick and tired of all of this over sensitivity playing out in this country concerning some comments said from Bob Greise and Chief's player Larry Johnson. First of all nothing should happen to these guys at all. Don't let these special interests groups tell you how to talk or what to say...I am so tired of the flack you get when someone says something unpc, the thought police comes in and wants to whip a little punishment out on them. Here is what I think of the thought and pc police......F**K YOU! I am glad that our president signed into law the Matthew Shepard hate crime bill. I do not want any homosexuals harassed at all. But this is a far cry from what Larry Johnson did,using the word fag in some tweets are not tantamount to maligning gays. I will agree it was a poor choice of words to use, but to want him severely punished for it is not right at all. I know Johnson and he is a nice guy and the only thing he should apologize for is the fact that the Chiefs suck and was duped into paying that flash in the pan Matt Cassel 57 million dollars and not purchasing a decent offensive line.(Btw the next Matt Cassel football card should be a picture of him lying on his back because that's how he usually ends up after the sack...OOPs! I meant snap. Now to Bob Greise he used a poor choice of words and should not have been suspended at all and shame on ESPN for suspending him.
Big deal he made a joke and made the taco quip(again bad choice of words) but it's hardly a Nazi comment. It was a bad joke. I mean come on basically all he did was suggest that Colombians like Mexican food. Montoya is Colombian ya know. But I digress. We need to relax a little bit in this country and not be so sensitive in this country over this crap. I mean,I know people who love to trash Nascar and say its a hillbilly sport(which might be true) but is that fair to judge nascar and make jokes about the redneck Nature of the sport just saying.......


John said...

What both Larry Johnson and Bob Greise said was STUPID. In Greise's case ABC/Espn has a contract with Nascar/IRL so they had to take action on this. (I hope that was a major "brainfart" or "slip of the tounge")by Griese.

Larry Johnson is a complete utter moron!!! I think he acts a role for marketing and visability in the youth market which the NFL and other sports league's covet. You have the field of play then you have real life and Larry Johnson for some reason can't tell the diffrence. Look the team he plays on isn't good but you suck it up or manup and fight and strive to get better. (Thats Leadership)

Larry operates under a morals clause in his contract so if he says or tweet something like calling someone a "FAG" well the NFL and the Chiefs will take action against him. He is suspended and he won't get his money (200,000 grand a game). He has had run ins with the law before
and has had run ins with management and coaches with the KC Chiefs also.

Someone should grow up and it should be Larry Johnson.

Anonymous said...

I don’t know why you are grousing about this subject after all you benefit from living in a diverse country where you can join hundreds if not thousands of Civil Rights Groups that pimp your ass for you. As the US becomes more tolerant the number of laws to force compliance rises exponentially until sometime in the future we are just a bubbling mass of stupid brown ooze.
I mean you can’t even say Nigger now you have to say the N-Word…how stupid. I have to admit…this was to the point>

“The Irish are the niggers of Europe” from Roddy Doyle's The Commitments—but the other uses are considered contemptuous and hostile.

I am part Irish feel free to call me a Nigger any day of the week.

You can also call me a cracker if you want or even white boy I find both terms to be funny as hell.

Cracker the Coon...

Anonymous said...

Oh heres no suprise. "I know larry and he is a nice guy".

??REALLY???...Oh look an LJ appologist.

Thank allah you are a man and not a women.I wonder what anthony would have done if LJ slapped or spit a drink in your womens face? Yeh its rhetorical but you get the picture.

Larry has a long track record and his newest contract im sure had a behavioural clause in it. His slurs towards reporters at 1 arrowhead drive is what caused his suspension, coupled with his track record the Chiefs are better off without him.

Now he wants to settle and get out of town. KOOL!!! and dont let the door hit you in your ass.


Anthony said...

Well well we have a racist response and a stupid one....figures. Well I will not respond to the racist one because ...well it's pointless and racist. But I will respond to bigdogs posting. Hey big dog I bet you my next check Bigdog(its alot) that you can not point to anytime in my life where I ever advocated violence against women. I dare you to prove otherwise. Anytime any stupid athlete hit a woman I have always spoke out against it. YOu call me an apologist,well first I was shocked that you even knew the definition to that word,(just kidding doggy)saying Johnson is a nice guy is like saying you are a nice guy despite your violent outbursts and name calling in print and radio. Now I have met you and I think you are a nice guy. So does that make me an apologist for you? Larry has problems, we all do. But he has just like you have, anytime we are together to hang out he has always treated me nice. Now my comment does not cover his entire behavior or yours.But you seem to harbor some residual anger at he Larry..get help somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Just another reason to dislike this commie and hater of the West.

Anonymous said...

How come every douchebage liberal thinks because someone has a harsh criticism of one or the other you have anger issues. Its like your defenses are all about removing criticism for what you say or do and how it goes against your own convictions; only to lay the blame at someones feet for pointing those glarring holes out. Then by saying you have anger issues only detracts from your bullshit in an attempt to obfuscate.

Did i say to you i was pissed off at Larry?

I have with you before when it comes to your (that nigger) post, people like you piss me off in that regard. You havent even sniffed anyone saying the thing you said they said. So guess what i call you a liar, a race baiter, and that makes me have anger issues warranting help?

I call you a LJ appologist and somehow i have a residual anger toward Larry?

The issue is about Larry and his moronic behaviour.

BTW my outbursts, as you call them, hasnt cost me a in that regard.


Anthony said...

I see that you conveniently ignored my the other parts in my response

Anonymous said...

I only responded to those issues you directed at me. Considering your silly response, it is you the one ignoring the issue at hand. When are you going to MAN UP!!!

I mean if you want me to respond to your check being a big check, twas about the only thing i left out. Well sorry i dont find manhood and integrity in the form of a check. However my response isnt a NICE one, but here it goes.

I dont find someone who gets canned at a volunteer radio station a great example of somone being responsible. Im glad you are in bussiness for yourself(unless you lied on air about that) and if your check matches how you handle your responsibilities then maybe i should worry about your finances?....NOT!!! I could careless about your monetary situation and like LJ, you seemingly think your position in life is based on money. How shallow can one get.

On a personal note: Im proud of the fact all three of my teens are in college, a chance i never had coming from a single parented home. I wonder is your check big enough to send three kids to college? Somehow i manage, but it isnt

Anthony said...

Well you again missed my point because your mind is clouded my some misplaced aggression. Plus you should know all the facts before you make a sweeping generalizations.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA!!! Is that all you have to say? "You missed my point". Hey idiot! it is your responsibility to better explain yourself, IF!!! i am missing your point.

You are such a BOY!!!


Anthony said...

Well,you missed my point on purpose. you Palinistas are so so dense with your name calling.