Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Again This Is How you Kick Rightwing Ass!

Folks again this is how you beat these rightwingers who lie about things. This is an instructional tape of Sen.Al Franken kicking the Hannity out of these worthless liars. Franken caught John Thune (R-lying ass)lying about the health care bill in a presentation(as they always do)on the senate floor and caught him red handed. Now Thune does not want to hear the truth as is always the case when neo cons get caught with their hand in the candy jar. Message to the rest of you wimpy dems this is how you beat some lying ass republican,take notice because these racist pinhead idiots make it very easy to do so."YOU ARE ENTITLED TO YOUR OWN OPINIONS BUT NOT YOUR OWN FACTS" JUST LIST THE FACTS! The GOP does not and can not and will not deal with facts,keep this in mind.


Anonymous said...

You should move here and be happy...and take that idiot with you.


Anonymous said...

This fool along with you endorse a plan to force people to buy health insurance; nowhere in the Constitution does it say that people can be forced to buy stuff they don’t want, but you hate that piece of paper along with the chimp you voted for.

Anonymous said...


But Obama, like many leftists before him, is unhappy with the constraints of our Constitution. He wants to turn voluntary responsibilities and moral obligations that citizens choose to undertake into so-called affirmative rights. That idea is sugarcoated as "what the government must do on your behalf." But that sort of thinking—that government should do it—is precisely what saps volunteerism and helps explain why both the Obamas' and the Bidens' charitable contributions are so pitiful.

John said...

Healthcare cost in diabetic care and conditions from it will triple by 2035. Premiums on healthcare cost keeps going up each year and you can be dropped anytime for any reason. (These are facts that shouldn't be ignored)

The rightwing talkshows that some of you idiots listen to don't like talking about these points. I wonder why?.(maybe its because they are "puppets for HMO's)

I'm sorry but the delusional ones are a lot of you "teabaggers" who seem to think that "HMO's" are looking out for you. (They aren't so you need to "wakeup" and understand that they are setting you idiots up.)