Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Challenge To the Right Wingers!

Look guys you will not believe this shigatty. These right wingers are trying to use the Jedi mind trick on the country.To all of you Fox News lovers I have a challenge for you. In the last few days I have heard some incredible lies....OOps... I meant statements coming from the right that borders on being BATSHIT!. Before we get to the challenge, lets take notice of what the right wing is saying now. They now claim that no terrorist attacks ever occurred under Bush or that Bush inherited the terrorist attack from Clinton....No Lie!
Facts about 9-11

Bush tried to defund the 9-11 investigating committee. Why?

Bush never read not one PDB(presidential daily briefing)that concerned terrorism he claims he can't remember if he did or not. Why? After the 2000 election,Mr Clinton commissioned The Hart/Rudman commission that concluded that it is possible that we will be attacked on our soil and how to prevent it. He had Sandy Berger pass it along to Condeleeza Rice and it was never read by her at all.

Despite what he says about security being uppermost in his mind then how come they the Bushies never held not one meeting on terrorism not one since he first got in office. Why? He claims he thought it was a bad flying pilot on the first hit on the building but if he had read the PDB he would have known different.

They are claiming since it was planned under Clinton therefore he is responsible for it. Despite the fact Bush ignored all terror warnings. So to take this logic to the next level. Since the first WTC attack was planned under Bush SR then he is responsible....Right?

So here is my question or Challenge. Explain how we were not attacked on Bush's watch and why it is Clintons fault?

Now listen to Dana Perino(R-crazy bitch)

Then who is this guy on 9-11?

Now listen to this train wreck



Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the slavery issue:
Black man: I dropped out of school and became a thug because I was brought over here in chains in them big ole slave hoopties.
White man: But you were never a slave. And hell you seem to be doing fine with the six different women you have knocked up and left; except when you need to go back to them to get welfare money.

Why are you blaming Bush, you called him a moron plenty of times? You know, not being cognizant enough to be held accountable for your actions. Your love for Obongo is borderline pathetic and quite possibly demented. Of course, Bush should have been impeached for falling to preempt 9-11 as well as FDR should have been impeached for not stopping the attacks on Pearl Harbor and Lincoln for not stopping the attacks on Fort Sumter.

Then again Bush did preempt a possible attack from Iraq to the Jewish State. Bush was the Jews best friend along with all the RightWing talk show host. Imgaine that...

Anonymous said...

A down and out black man...hahaha


John said...

Dana Perino's statement was stupid beyond rational thought. Bush ignored his "PDB's" about a possible terroist attack on this country. Does he deserve 100% of the blame??? I don't think so because of the layers of depts. in our inteligence aparatus.

If I'm getting info on a possible attack on this country like Bush did then I'm asking questions and wanting to know what is going on.(Being inquisitive and keeping informed which I don't think "W" was.)

I don't get the comments on the first blog entry. It doesn't add nothing to your posting and it makes you sound like a idiot.

I can think of a lot of things Bush should have been impeached for that doesn't include 9-11.