Tuesday, December 22, 2009

????? WTF ..Dumb Quote!

"This fool along with you endorse a plan to force people to buy health insurance; nowhere in the Constitution does it say that people can be forced to buy stuff they don’t want, but you hate that piece of paper along with the chimp you voted for."-Bigoted Palinista(redundant)explaining why his side will aid in Obama getting a second term and also pretending he likes the constitution.

How stupid is this guy having the nerve to mention the constitution. No one ever claimed that this is covered in the constitution(see how they just pull these straw arguments right out of their collective asses). Now I heard this very same line repeated all over talk radio so it was just a matter of time I figured,before some ditto monkey idiot would post it here. They have been using this same stepford line for awhile,so of course this little hussy who sent me this comment will parrot anything ever told to him by his right wing masters.They are so predictable. Where were these talk radio zombies when the Bushies implemented programs that were not in the constitution?...Oh I forgot he and his other ilk were to busy having a "COCKMEAT SANDWICH"from Beck and Rush and the other Fox News dummies.

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Anonymous said...

I don't have cable nor do I watch TV though Beck is funny at least on You Tube; Rush is just a shill for the establishment but then again so is Beck. The health care revamp is nothing more than a wealth transfer from the shrinking middle class to the lower classes that pay next to no taxes. Someone is trying to equal outcomes on health care issues. You can go to a doctor every day but if you make bad lifestyle choices there is nothing the doctor can do about that.
On a side note:


In the social sciences, 24 percent of professors identified themselves as liberal “radicals” and 18 percent as Marxists. Only 4.9 percent of social scientists identified themselves as “conservative.”