Thursday, December 31, 2009

I Figured As Much!

I seems that I can't get an intelligent response from these right wingers concerning my challenge to them. All they can do is be racist and stupid. Check out their responses to my posting and have a good laugh at their expense. Now we all know that they are incapable of being factual on anything. They are weak on terror and let us get attacked on 9-11. I tell you what, Limbaugh better pull through or these poor people will not know what to think at all. The chest pains were probably caused by Karma. Come on you Palinistas hopefully you can do better....or maybe you can't.


Anonymous said...

You are such large headed ego you don't know have as much as you think you do. Most people that I know can't wait until the fat ass, drug user, Rush dies. There will be much rejoicing when that happens.

No doubt this is Bush's fault:

When are you Obongo butt sniffers ever going to hold your dear Chimp responsible for anything he does?

Anonymous said...

Paul gets spanked by a fake Republican: