Saturday, June 19, 2010


Stewart explained this better than I could. The headlines should read..Lying BP ruins Gulf of Mexico and thousands of American lives with it and Republicans APOLOGIZE to them! But watch the Dems miss this opportunity also.


Anonymous said...

Another republican hack showing us his true colours. That clown ought to be pushing up daisies, just like the workers who died on that rig.

Anonymous said...

Barton used to be in the oil business and he get contributions from big oil. I'm not stunned by his statement at all. If the Republicans want to play the poor BP game. I say" knock yourself out boys and girls." Have the nerve to run on that on the midterms.

Anonymous said...

Do you just hate those conspiracy people? Just can't stand those lying, wacko, nutjob, twoofer, boofer cronies?

If you can watch this whole film and still hate those folks then I'll buy your implantable microchip for you.

Collapse Movie 2009

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