Saturday, June 19, 2010

Gosh This Is Soo Very Funny!

I thought this was hilarious... And if any of you sensitive people do not like this posting wellll F**k You!I know some of you anti-choice zealots and some of you liberal ribbon wearers won't like this. But people do not have a sense of humor but come on you have to admit this is creative and funny. Nothing like some good healthy abortion jokes. I mean whats a little scrape between friends? :) I used to joke on the show about picking up dates at abortion clinics because you know they are having sex. Or go to abortion clinics with a pool table in it that way you can play the doctor or a patron and make your money back.Lol..Now this video takes the cake I love it:)


Anonymous said...

A guy walks in to a busy whore-house, sits down and nibbles at a bowl of tomatoes while he waits for a whore. A whore walks in, screams, and runs out quick. The guy tells the madam and she promises to get him another. Another whore walks in, sits down next to him for a few minutes then runs out screaming. The guy calls in the madam again and he explains that another one just ran out then he pointed to the now empty bowl on the table and asked for more tomatoes. The madam said to him "Those aren't tomatoes, those are last weeks' abortions!"

Anonymous said...

Something really gross: ten dead babies in a trashcan
Something grosser than that: one dead baby in ten trashcans

"Hi, thank you for calling Planned Parenthood, You snake em' We scrape em' How can I help you?

gosh abortion humor is soo funny!

A woman was late coming home from work one day and her husband asked her where she had been. She replied, "I was pregnant and killed your unborn child today." The husband exclaimed "Did you bring me a doggy bag?"