Friday, June 04, 2010

Baggers Are Stupid..Come To The Church Of Reality!!

Ok look we all know how worthless these teabaggers and Palinista's are. But even I think some of these dolts are worth saving. I love how these baggers are now screaming for government help. These guys do not have the courage of their convictions. Check out this letter concerning if the government should be involved in the cleanup.

"It's interesting to see Republicans and Tea Baggers changing their tune when they want the government to bail them out after the capitalists have failed. After all, isn't the oil spill "Free Enterprise"? They didn't like the government bailing out the banks, but they want the government to bail out the oil companies and help clean up the spill? I thought they believed that wasn't the government's role. They shouldn't interfere with the "free market system".

Now the conservatives want the government to "take over". They want government run beach protection? Are they asking for socialized government run environmental protection? Isn't this just more "government regulation". Just another "big government takeover"? Why do we care about the environment? That's what those liberal progressive tree hugging global warming socialist hippies want.
Not the conservatives are calling out to the "federal bureaucracy" for a "bailout". What about BP's God given right to make a profit?

When things are good it's easy for Tea Baggers to run their mouth. But when the disasters come and we have to deal with reality all of a sudden they change their tune and come crying to Uncle Sam wanting the liberals to clean up their mistakes.
I think the news media is giving these people intellectual welfare to even listen to them anymore."

Marc Perkel

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Anonymous said...

"What about BP's God given right to make a profit?"
That's just stupid. Bp lost any privileges that may have been granted to it by the people when this mess started as far as I'm concerned.

I think the U.S. military should assist with the oil problem. They have the corps of engineers, and lots of highly trained professionals.