Friday, June 04, 2010

The Real Truth About The Republicans..

I dare any of you knuckledragging Palinista's or teabaggers or rightwingers out there to refute this one..Click on title for article.

Don't You just love these Palinista's when they go out and handle snakes then go to their teabagging events.


Anonymous said...

This one is pretty extreme, ha. So what's up? "Dems" don't suck anymore?

Anonymous said...

Pussy i did challenge your Bullshit. How come you didnt post my rebutal?


Yeh i know you read what i posted in rebutal.

Read this!!

Maybe i should link your racist posts to Darla Jay and expose you for who you are. She wouldnt recognise her favorite cousin Tony.

Dont think i wont do it either.

Anthony said...

Big dog I have one word for you.SO WHAT! KNOCK YOURSELF OUT FATBOY. Do what ever you need to do. I will not let some twobit psuedo intellectual like you black mail me ...FUCK OFF!

Anonymous said...

Its not blackmail and your still a coward.

You not posting my rebutal proves you are a coward. You made the challenge and i delivered one and you didnt do your part and post it.

You say SO WHAT!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! typical dumbass lib.

Guess the truth hurt your highjacked opinion from someone else.

FATBOY?? pot calling the kettle chubs!!

Read this!!! Consider it done and believe me its all about timing.

Anthony said...

First of all..I have lost I am a trim 260lbs....How much have you lost? (its just like you to go off halfcocked on bad information huh) Also that opinion was not high jacked I placed the link as you saw.Also I have no problem putting the opposition on this site and the truth is I have a lot of things to post and I just have not got to yours yet. But your response calling me names I will not tolerate that. You are impatient. So call Darla, link it to Darla...Hell go recreate the site live in her studio. I like Darla but she does not run me or my opinions or my site and your just idiotic if you think your little threat means anything to me....I DONT CARE! Knock your self out. Telling Darla means nothing in the big picture for me at all..except make you content so since I am a nice guy I give you permission to do it. I can use the publicity.........Btw you think everyone who disagrees with you is a liberal so go FUCK OFF and thanks for reading :)

Anonymous said...

Well first of all i will adress your weight loss and how it seems odd you never mentioned it during wavestation x days. So i assume after our meeting with each other you put on 100 plus lbs? I mean, i know what 454 lbs feels like and looks like. Thats about what i weighed when we met.

When i saw you in person you looked to be about 6 foot tall and about 280 or so. You may have pushed 300. Anyway if my math serves me correctly you weighed about 400 lbs when you started your w-loss adventure.

How long did it take you to lose 140 lbs?

It has taken me almost two years to get 137 lbs off. I have gained some back and have gotten back on my program. This week i lost 3 lbs and 1 inch total at all points.

Wish me luck i got another 70 lbs or so to go. BTW congrats on your weight loss. Now kiss my fatass!! lol