Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thank You Jon.


I am so sick of the whore media picking on this guy Alvin Greene. Yeah I think he seems not too bright. But the way the whore media and the dems are reacting to this is so laughable. I mean they claim he is a republican plant....could be... I don't know, anything is possible. Now I love to beat up on repubs anytime I can but I so far just do not see any of their handiwork present. But thanks you Jon Stewart for summing this up for me.


Anonymous said...

Too funny =D
My dad won a minor political office twice (republican ward something) just by putting his name on the ballot. It does happen.

Anonymous said...

I find it odd that the repo's would put the money up for Mr. Greene. Jim Demint's senate seat is real safe and I think it would have been a big waste of time and money.

I think this was the fact that his name was first on the ballot and somehow people thought of Al Greene they thought of someone else. It makes you wonder what the hell is wrong with people in South Carolina?. It makes you wonder why the democratic party of South Carolina didn't put up a stronger opponent with some sort of knowledge on the issues.