Wednesday, June 09, 2010

How To Handle A Palinista!!!

Okay folks this is how you properly handle a idiot who is just begging to made an example of. This is our beloved bigdog. He is not necessarily the smartest when it comes to politics but we love him anyway. The following are postings that bigdog sent to me and the afterwards you will see my proper responses to such a dumbass. He actually thinks I care what a local talk show host cares about what I say on my site. There are at least six years of blogging on this site and for anyone to think I am a liberal or conservative is inaccurate. Please after this posting please I beg you don't be a "bigdog". Be smarter than that.

"Pussy i did challenge your Bullshit. How come you didnt post my rebutal?
Coward!!! Yeh i know you read what i posted in rebutal.
Read this!! Maybe i should link your racist posts to Darla Jay and expose you for who you are. She wouldnt recognise her favorite cousin Tony. Dont think i wont do it either."
-bigdog(yep bad spelling and punctuation,syntax and all)threatening me and pretending that I care what a local talk show hosts thinks.

"Big dog I have one word for you.SO WHAT! KNOCK YOURSELF OUT FATBOY. Do what ever you need to do. I will not let some twobit psuedo intellectual like you black mail me ...FUCK OFF!"- My proper response to such an idiotic message.

"Its not blackmail and your still a coward. You not posting my rebutal proves you are a coward. You made the challenge and i delivered one and you didnt do your part and post it. You say SO WHAT!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! typical dumbass lib. Guess the truth hurt your highjacked opinion from someone else. FATBOY?? pot calling the kettle chubs!! Read this!!! Consider it done and believe me its all about timing."-bigdog pretending he does not suffer from a disorder"head up his ass syndrome" or "rectus cranium inversion" and thinks that everyone who disagrees with him is a liberal.

"First of all..I have lost I am a trim 260lbs....How much have you lost? (its just like you to go off halfcocked on bad information huh) Also that opinion was not high jacked I placed the link as you saw. Also I have no problem putting the opposition on this site and the truth is I have a lot of things to post and I just have not got to yours yet. But your response calling me names I will not tolerate that. You are impatient. So call Darla, link it to Darla...Hell go recreate the site live in her studio. I like Darla but she does not run me or my opinions or my site and your just idiotic if you think your little threat means anything to me....I DONT CARE! Knock your self out. Telling Darla means nothing in the big picture for me at all..except make you content so since I am a nice guy I give you permission to do it. I can use the publicity.........Btw you think everyone who disagrees with you is a liberal so go FUCK OFF and thanks for reading :)"
- Anthony's brilliant response again. :)


B said...

I must say that I thought the "liberal" label would fit you well but I did take a look at older posts of yours here and I've come to a conclusion that that label does not quite fit. I was wrong.

You were actually pretty nice to bigdog compared to this masked man -

Anonymous said...

So were is my response, to your hijacked opinion? you deleted it. It had no name calling in it and was well documented, solid info, that discredited what you posted.

You didnt post it because it discredits you and your so-called challenge.

BTW im not a palinista and thats yet another term hijacked by you from the term Clintonista. See, not very original, your whole life is one big hijack.

Oh and you called me FATBOY and you bitch about name calling. I have lost a person also not quite at 260 like yourself but congrats anyways i know i feel WAYYY!!! better and so should you.

Now. You can go to hell chubs.


Anonymous said...

Darla Jaye is the typical know-nothing rightwing talkshow host. She doesn't have a clue what she is talking about most of the time.

I would love to see the "EG" debate this idiot on the air. The only thing is KMBZ wouldn't allow it because we have to put Darla with someone that agree's with her to make her look good. (I would love to hear her in a real debate!)

I think that there are conservatives out and about that are informed on the issues. Conservative talk radio isn't that medium for high intelect. It's made up of former classic rock DJ's who needed to make a living in radio because you can only play "REO Speedwagon,ELO,Pink Floyd,Elvis etc. so long." (see Glen Beck and Mike Shanin for examples.) They march for ratings so they do what's hot and in conservative talk radio it's hot to embrace the tea-party and its causes of the moment.

Anonymous said...


B said...

Okay, what I really want to know here is... Would y'all mind explaining how y'all lost all that weight. Just diet and exercise or do you take tweak pills or what? I'm at my highest weight ever (5'8" 250lbs) and it sucks but I won't take tweak pills, herbal or otherwise. I'd be grateful if y'all could give me some tips.

Anonymous said...

Anony said: "would love to see the "EG" debate this idiot on the air. The only thing is KMBZ wouldn't allow it because we have to put Darla with someone that agree's with her to make her look good. (I would love to hear her in a real debate!)"

Ummmm...Tonys a frequent caller (he also listens). EG made it real clear that Darla listeners are idiots. He never debates her. I know he has had more than enough chances.

EG had wonderfull smooch fest with land-mine billy on her show too.


Anonymous said...

According to a body mass index scale, google it, all you need to know is your approx. calorie burn per day...i.e. "resting metabolic rate". Mine is 2400 calories. Ive chosen a eating plan that gives me an intake of 1700 cal a day. Anytime you acceed your RMR by 1000calories you will gain a pound. My plan allows me a weight loss average of 2-3 lbs a week because sometimes i cheat. My highest w-loss week was 8 lbs.

Rest and lots of water are needfull.


Anonymous said...

I would love to hear a debate between Darla Jaye and Anthony in a setting where he is a guest on the show. The problem is that Darla is a complete moron!!. She is everything that talk radio represents today. (ill-informed loudmouth ranter's that fires up the angry white guy's over 40 by telling them what to hate,who and what they should do about it.)

I don't call and I listen in very rarely cause I like to be informed,entertain and well made to think about our world. So Sorry I just don't get that with talk radio of today. It's a formula driven mess from really stupid people that has hijacked the conservative movement.


Landmine Billy is a moron also!!

Anonymous said...

A funny site:

Anonymous said...

That retarded website didn't work but I did find this:

Two fishermen were watching a bucket of crabs. The one said, "Why don't ya have a lid? They can get out..." The other replied, "No, they never do, watch-" The two men watched as one crab put its claw on the edge, and started sliding up. At the same time, another crab grabbed the back leg of the climbing crab and pulled him back down. The morale: people put others down to make themselves feel better.

Thanks racist idiot, I feel better ;)

B said...

Thanks Lots BIGDOG. Everytime I go 1000 calories over I gain a pound, wow! I've been trying to watch my fat intake but I haven't been counting calories.