Thursday, June 04, 2009


Every thinking progressive American should be proud of our president today.(Now I am not meaning the haters eg.. Limbaugh lovers or anyone who watches fox news. You guys stay negative and keep up the hate and don't forget to cull everything negative out of anything Obama says or does). He went over to Africa and layeth the smacketh down . I am still shocked how he admitted Americas part in the overthrow of the Shah. Wow. Now the haters will say he is on an apology tour. They say this because they have no substance and they are powerfully stupid. Ask a wingnut where does the apology part come in at, and watch them squirm. They hated on him because he took his wife to a dinner and show. And please, I want the corporate news whores to stop asking how the GOP feels about anything Obama does, who cares what they think tell them to blow it out their ass and keep staying negative and shut up!
The haters had something to say about that. Lets see it's ok that Bush took 77 vacations to that movie set ranch in Texas(that he bought just before campaigning and then dumped it and moved to Dallas after he was out of office.SUCKERS)where there are no animals or horses anywhere on property and all he did was move brush for the cameras and drive in that stupid truck at the tune of 226 thousand dollars a trip to taxpayers. But nooo we can't have a president who appreciates art and culture and takes his wife out for date night at the tune of 24 thousand dollars a trip to taxpayers. Hey at least he got some loving at the end of the night.

Here is some sample of tapes of that speech in Africa try to hear him amid the screams of I love you.BTW no one threw shoes. Now contrast that with the tapes of the guy the haters think was the best president ever.



Anonymous said...

Obama sucks Jewish dick like all other presidents except Nixon. He hated them.

On that, Obama gave no ground, declaring U.S. bonds with Israel "unbreakable."

The Negro comments are funny as hell.

Anonymous said...

And people in this country voted for this dumb motherfucker two times. WTF were people thinking?