Sunday, June 07, 2009

Now This Is An Inconvenient Truth! Carbon Credits Is A Fraud!

I actually like this guy. But unlike republicans I can criticize the same people I agree with. That does not mean I can't tell the truth about his movie or his carbon credit scam. The movie ....lets just say overstated some things. But now I am so tired of hearing the liberals and the environmentalist movement nutjobs keep talking about this carbon credit crap. Look folks I looked into this and trust me this is a scam. Paying someone money to reduce your carbon footprint is so ludicrous that only a fool would do it. Let the evil one count the ways.... The catholic church ran a racket much like this one many years ago. Back then the church needed to raise more money so what they did was send a man into town and for a price he would forgive you of whatever sins you confessed to. It was called "Indulgences". Fast forward to the 1990's there was this woman who called herself the "high priestess" and if you paid her several hundred dollars she would have sexual intercourse with you in the name of Jesus and absorb your sins and you would be forgiven(nice way to get an absolution,plus a good cover for prostitution). No lie! The carbon credits is the same thing minus the religious mumbo jumbo and the whore and the punany and the happy ending. But the end result is that you feel good about what you did. Extreme leftist are really good on that feeling good symbolism of over substance crap. Now sadly it turns out that there is global warming. But the big question is, we are not sure if we are causing it. We humans contribute about 3% of co 2 gases. Did you also know that Al Gore owns the carbon footprints company and he also runs up a huge electric bill. In addition he really does not follow his own teachings(big surprise). Yeah he sure does. The environmentalist movement treats this crap like it is a religion folks. We have to stop the madness. Gore is a lying doomsday alarmist.


Anonymous said...

Yehhh... Smart boy Obamma is shutting down bussiness owners. Just another attack on the market place.Obamma and his communist ways are starting to show.He must really hate the small market place and middle income America.

What say you Evil Penis?

Anonymous said...

Core Obama supporters white liberal environmentalists

Anonymous said...

And now the House passed Cap and Give away money to powerful companies and Third World Peoples.
The liberals in the House and Senate are all traitors.

If the Senate passes Cap and Give prices are going to go up for everything in this country.

Such a scheme along with Health Care reform will destroy this country. Serf in Middle Age Europe paid less in taxes than we do that is the people that actually work unlike many of Democrat voters.