Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Good Job Barack!

Barack your doing a good with keeping your silence concerning Iran. I am not shocked though that the Sith(neo-cons)want you do say something about it. You see, they do not understand what should really be politics 101. But it should not come as a shock to anybody that they are so stupid. I mean really ask yourself..what have they been right about in the last eight years or even now....? Answer not a damn thing. So please don't listen to them they are ignorant and racist and they are not relevant and no credibility. I want everyone to keep this name in mind Rafsajani. He is the head of the Iranian mob and he really controls things(to hell with the clerics)Meanwhile I need you to go ahead and fire Gibbs. He sucks and he is not charismatic and I don't like the way he talks. Plus he gets beaten down by the press so bad that Chris Brown wants the date him.

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Anonymous said...

Obama supressing science who would have guessed?


And detaining people forever wow what a great voice for freedom.