Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Legal Drug Dealing!

I have to say it. I am glad Obama stopped this fake war on drugs that has only succeeded in quelling or eradicating our freedoms and making law enforcement rich.
You see folks, people whether you like it or not will get high in one form or another.
No amount of prayer and just saying no will change that fact. If there were no drugs in this world...believe me people will find some way of getting high. You will hear stories like..man if you take a bullet and dip it in bleach and Bacardi 151 rum and have someone fire it out of a gun past your face and you lick the bullet as it whizzes past you will get FUCKED UP! But this posting isn't about the decent street drug dealers. This about the worst low down scum of drug dealers known to man ever.... DOCTORS!!! This legalized form of drug dealing in a white coats must stop. It all starts innocently enough(it always does)when you go visit your doctor he tells you that he has these pills he just got in that will make you feel better and take some free samples and if you like it come back he will sell you some more(just like a street dealer. But in reality he is in bed with is supplier(pharmaceutical company) so the dealer OOps! I meant doctor never tells you he gets a kick back for prescribing these drugs to the patient no matter how severe the side effects are and we just gloss over these side effects. Just look at the case of Michael Jackson abusing pharmaceutical drugs for years and it probably did him in. Did you know that prescription drugs kill more people than cocaine and heroin combined(doesn't that sound vaguely important?) Think about it!!

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