Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Just Love Iran !

You know,in some countries they care when their vote is stolen.
Have you guys been following whats been going on in Iran? F**king IRAN!!!
I am loving it.You see folks this is what should have happened in 2000 when those Bush bastards stole the election from that bitch that walks like a man Al Gore.
Iran's supreme leader ordered monday an investigation into allegations of election fraud,(can you believe that shiggity)? State television quoted Ayatollah Ali Khamenei directing a high-level clerical panel,the Guardian Council, to look into
charges by pro-Western candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi, who has said he is the rightful winner of Friday's presidential election. Which I actually believe Mr. Mosuavi, because you don't get this many people out there protesting for nothing.
Now my message to Ahmadinajab,listen to me very carefully sir! If your going to steal an election then steal it correctly(ask a republican),even George Bush was smart enough to know you don't steal an election by 30 points.Are you out of your damn mind? The polls showed a close race,some even showed Mousavi ahead but then your stupid ass wins 63-33? no wonder there are unprecedented record crowds in the street. There is no way on Oprah's green earth this could have happened. I think its interesting that Khamenei agreed to an investigation,he may want closer ties to the west. Now republicans now you know elections dont fix themselves so there is plenty of time for you guys to steal the 2012 election now get to work.


Anonymous said...

Bush didn't steal the election you liberal douche bag.

What don't you look into ACRON and the votes they handed your chimp.

Anonymous said...

You're right Anony, the supreme court handed W the victory. It's ACORN genius, not ACRON. I think we all know who the real chimp is on this blog.

Anonymous said...

If you are going to throw stones make sure you do it outside and not in your home.

Misplacing letter placement is common when one is in a hurry but spelling Anthony as Anony makes you less than a chimp. I won't insult chimps.

Anonymous said...

It was funny when liberals were crying about conservatives that were supposed to steal the last election; they cried and cried but then their 'boy' won and the vocies went away. Most liberals do not use logic they use emotion which is why the US is doomed.

Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous #3, have you considered that Anony is short for anonymous? Of course not, you obviously lack the capacity. But hey, thanks for participating GENIUS. Don't cry for me Argentina!

Cry for the families of the more than 4300 soldiers who perished in the fake ass war in Iraq thanks to that clown we had for a president, dubya. BTW we were doomed the moment we let the supreme court pick our president. Ha Ha!!

Anonymous said...

If the court had turned down the case, and left it up to the Senate Gore would have cast the tie breaking vote. No doubt he would have voted for Bush.

You chimp now owns both wars. The new deaths on his head as well as the assbackwards tying to our troops hands.