Saturday, June 06, 2009

To Strip Or Not To Strip!

I support single mothers.

Now unlike the local hand job Tony in KC blog. When I feature hot chicks on the blog. The story actually has something to do with the pic.
I want all of you people to leave strippers, OOps! I meant to say "interpretive dancers" alone. I am so sick of this fake moral outrage towards these women. This church groups want to shut them down and save hookers from the streets. Why how dare you? If you shut these avenues of fine art down, then where will husbands,businessmen and ministers go to blow off steam before they have to go home and deal wth their family? And as for the "entrepreneurial sex service professionals" or hookers.Leave these poor women alone. Look, single moms like Bristol Palin and any other beauty pageant contestant has to start somewhere.
I remember some years ago. I was in Los Angeles at this strip club near the airport getting a lap dance. As I was talking to the stripper about this very subject and as she was responding to my question, she cut the lap dance short, because.....Well... her water broke. Hmmmm I never did get an answer from her. Anyway stripping and good whoring goes back to the bible. Women danced for men for trinkets and gold. Plus you could pic up some good ho and she would let you get jiggy with her underneath the false idol Baal. Jesus hung with that Ho Mary Magdalene.... Remember? You see that's the whole game. Remember men never sacrificed sluts in ancient times, it was always the virgins that got fed to the fire gods. It was a neat way to make women put out.Remember folks a woman that puts out, keeps you in good standing with the lord.

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