Thursday, November 05, 2009

Sex Addiction?

Don't get me wrong, I am sure a lot of people have a problem with this issue. But come on if you let anything take precedence over the important things in your life and you can't stop engaging in the activity...then anything can be an addiction. Plus what about those who actually enjoys sex a lot? My point being of all the things to be addicted too,drugs, alcohol,religion..etc then this is the least problematic. Now this newscast was obviously for the ratings but Joy Behar had Nicole Narian former playboymate and she talks about being addicted to sex and masturbating constantly.. I felt this was sensationalized tv albeit nice to watch though. Maybe you guys can weigh in on this one but sex addiction to me seems like it can be very relaxing.Plus who is going to kick her out of bed?

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Marcus said...

Addictions are only addictions when they're disrupting your life
(not paying bills, relationship problems, health, etc.). I love how it was "her food for the day", Joy had to cut her off because folks get paid 9 bucks a minute for that.