Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Legal Drug Dealing!

I have to say it. I am glad Obama stopped this fake war on drugs that has only succeeded in quelling or eradicating our freedoms and making law enforcement rich.
You see folks, people whether you like it or not will get high in one form or another.
No amount of prayer and just saying no will change that fact. If there were no drugs in this world...believe me people will find some way of getting high. You will hear stories like..man if you take a bullet and dip it in bleach and Bacardi 151 rum and have someone fire it out of a gun past your face and you lick the bullet as it whizzes past you will get FUCKED UP! But this posting isn't about the decent street drug dealers. This about the worst low down scum of drug dealers known to man ever.... DOCTORS!!! This legalized form of drug dealing in a white coats must stop. It all starts innocently enough(it always does)when you go visit your doctor he tells you that he has these pills he just got in that will make you feel better and take some free samples and if you like it come back he will sell you some more(just like a street dealer. But in reality he is in bed with is supplier(pharmaceutical company) so the dealer OOps! I meant doctor never tells you he gets a kick back for prescribing these drugs to the patient no matter how severe the side effects are and we just gloss over these side effects. Just look at the case of Michael Jackson abusing pharmaceutical drugs for years and it probably did him in. Did you know that prescription drugs kill more people than cocaine and heroin combined(doesn't that sound vaguely important?) Think about it!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Good Job Barack!

Barack your doing a good with keeping your silence concerning Iran. I am not shocked though that the Sith(neo-cons)want you do say something about it. You see, they do not understand what should really be politics 101. But it should not come as a shock to anybody that they are so stupid. I mean really ask yourself..what have they been right about in the last eight years or even now....? Answer not a damn thing. So please don't listen to them they are ignorant and racist and they are not relevant and no credibility. I want everyone to keep this name in mind Rafsajani. He is the head of the Iranian mob and he really controls things(to hell with the clerics)Meanwhile I need you to go ahead and fire Gibbs. He sucks and he is not charismatic and I don't like the way he talks. Plus he gets beaten down by the press so bad that Chris Brown wants the date him.

Cheating Hearts!!

Okay, look I am not saying what 72 year old Silvio Berlusconi(President of Italy) did was right. I am just saying lets get off of his case about it. He allegedly had some women of the night over for a party and paid them and possibly engaged in some hide the salami with them and they caught it all video and audio. Now his political career is in jeopardy(his fault).(Anthony's note: when you have hookers over make sure they are searched thoroughly for recording devices and weapons and then after your done kick them out) Now all the hypocrites will say that he is a dog for cheating on his wife and she deserves better. Okay well lets take a closer shall we. First of all lets stop pretending that he is the only one doing this. Second of all(not all women included)women are attracted to power and prestige(it gets the juices flowing) so I am not shocked this guy has groupies. In addition we all know that guys get the most attractive women they can afford and women get the most affluent men they can attract(water seeks its own level). His wife was portrayed as his long suffering wife......puhleeze!! She met him by having an affair with him while he was married to his 1st wife. So its her fault don't give me this suffering victim crap. Plus have you seen her pic....could you blame him for cheating? Look people especially in politics behave badly ok. She should have known that she cheated with him she gets cheated on. If you throw in lots of money and power and sex it makes for a very interesting cocktail. Look at his women...come on look at them(see link)this was a money thing. He was their sugar daddy and they were along for the ride. I think it was a fair deal. They let him play stink finger with them and gave him some nice tight nookie cookie and let him bend them in ways that would make Jesus say Goddamn! I am sure his wife wouldn't do these things for him(no wife does)...and he in turn gave them money and position in society. Sounds like a fair trade to me.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Nailing a Palin!!

David Letterman, please stop apologizing to Sarah Palin. We all know that you did not mean it. I am so tired of these spineless democrats and you apologizing for everything. If anyone should apologize it should be Palin for failing to be a good mom. Now I know Alaska is full of misfits who could not make it in the lower 48(alaskans are strange people admit it)! But that gives her no excuse for letting this whore loser guy "go ball deep" and taking a swim in that little daughter of hers when she was 17 years old in bed assuming the sexual position of face down and ass up under her roof while mom is sleeping in the next room.(Btw I mean no offense to any actual whores). I know that the only thing to do in Alaska is to bump uglies but damn Palin stop being hypocritical. I mean all you have to do is wait until she opens her mouth to see why she is where she is.

I Just Love Iran !

You know,in some countries they care when their vote is stolen.
Have you guys been following whats been going on in Iran? F**king IRAN!!!
I am loving it.You see folks this is what should have happened in 2000 when those Bush bastards stole the election from that bitch that walks like a man Al Gore.
Iran's supreme leader ordered monday an investigation into allegations of election fraud,(can you believe that shiggity)? State television quoted Ayatollah Ali Khamenei directing a high-level clerical panel,the Guardian Council, to look into
charges by pro-Western candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi, who has said he is the rightful winner of Friday's presidential election. Which I actually believe Mr. Mosuavi, because you don't get this many people out there protesting for nothing.
Now my message to Ahmadinajab,listen to me very carefully sir! If your going to steal an election then steal it correctly(ask a republican),even George Bush was smart enough to know you don't steal an election by 30 points.Are you out of your damn mind? The polls showed a close race,some even showed Mousavi ahead but then your stupid ass wins 63-33? no wonder there are unprecedented record crowds in the street. There is no way on Oprah's green earth this could have happened. I think its interesting that Khamenei agreed to an investigation,he may want closer ties to the west. Now republicans now you know elections dont fix themselves so there is plenty of time for you guys to steal the 2012 election now get to work.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


To my bell curve crackpots. The reason why I did not post your posting is that it was wrong and inaccurate. You bell curve dummies(Palin supporters) are just so slow and insecure that so you turn to that book because you feel that it makes you feel better about yourself.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Now This Is An Inconvenient Truth! Carbon Credits Is A Fraud!

I actually like this guy. But unlike republicans I can criticize the same people I agree with. That does not mean I can't tell the truth about his movie or his carbon credit scam. The movie ....lets just say overstated some things. But now I am so tired of hearing the liberals and the environmentalist movement nutjobs keep talking about this carbon credit crap. Look folks I looked into this and trust me this is a scam. Paying someone money to reduce your carbon footprint is so ludicrous that only a fool would do it. Let the evil one count the ways.... The catholic church ran a racket much like this one many years ago. Back then the church needed to raise more money so what they did was send a man into town and for a price he would forgive you of whatever sins you confessed to. It was called "Indulgences". Fast forward to the 1990's there was this woman who called herself the "high priestess" and if you paid her several hundred dollars she would have sexual intercourse with you in the name of Jesus and absorb your sins and you would be forgiven(nice way to get an absolution,plus a good cover for prostitution). No lie! The carbon credits is the same thing minus the religious mumbo jumbo and the whore and the punany and the happy ending. But the end result is that you feel good about what you did. Extreme leftist are really good on that feeling good symbolism of over substance crap. Now sadly it turns out that there is global warming. But the big question is, we are not sure if we are causing it. We humans contribute about 3% of co 2 gases. Did you also know that Al Gore owns the carbon footprints company and he also runs up a huge electric bill. In addition he really does not follow his own teachings(big surprise). Yeah he sure does. The environmentalist movement treats this crap like it is a religion folks. We have to stop the madness. Gore is a lying doomsday alarmist.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

To Strip Or Not To Strip!

I support single mothers.

Now unlike the local hand job Tony in KC blog. When I feature hot chicks on the blog. The story actually has something to do with the pic.
I want all of you people to leave strippers, OOps! I meant to say "interpretive dancers" alone. I am so sick of this fake moral outrage towards these women. This church groups want to shut them down and save hookers from the streets. Why how dare you? If you shut these avenues of fine art down, then where will husbands,businessmen and ministers go to blow off steam before they have to go home and deal wth their family? And as for the "entrepreneurial sex service professionals" or hookers.Leave these poor women alone. Look, single moms like Bristol Palin and any other beauty pageant contestant has to start somewhere.
I remember some years ago. I was in Los Angeles at this strip club near the airport getting a lap dance. As I was talking to the stripper about this very subject and as she was responding to my question, she cut the lap dance short, because.....Well... her water broke. Hmmmm I never did get an answer from her. Anyway stripping and good whoring goes back to the bible. Women danced for men for trinkets and gold. Plus you could pic up some good ho and she would let you get jiggy with her underneath the false idol Baal. Jesus hung with that Ho Mary Magdalene.... Remember? You see that's the whole game. Remember men never sacrificed sluts in ancient times, it was always the virgins that got fed to the fire gods. It was a neat way to make women put out.Remember folks a woman that puts out, keeps you in good standing with the lord.

Friday, June 05, 2009

This shiggaty ain't right!

Sarah(Forrest Gump) Had the nerve to criticize Obama's recovery plan the other day. This video above is what I think of everytime I hear Palin speak. Here(on bottom) is Sarah Palin again trying to prove she is smart and proves this dummy does not know anything about the economy.Just listen to her no specifics are mentioned,just using a word salad(dumb beauty queen). Why can't she just shut up and stay the addleminded subservient cocksocket she was destined to be. Hey Palin shut up and just stay looking pretty and tell that tart daughter of yours to stay off that abstinence tour with that cutie Hayden and go back to Alaska and close her cock holster.

A shot of Hatorade Bitches!!!!!!

Hey here is a shot of Hatorade for the haters who can't deal with the facts. One of them is right wing(handjob)Gunny Bob from KOA in Denver. I called in on his show last night and he could not deal with facts so he hung up on me. And another shot of Hatorade to the haters that come on this site and instead of dealing with facts,just insult and insult and quote from a book called the "Bell Curve"(the Bell Curve is a book for desperate white people to feel secure and superior,its a hoax like Miss California Prejeans tits,Sarah Palin's intellect, cold fusion and creationism ) a book that is filled with so much pseudo- science that it's so laughable. So thanks to all of my detractors, you guys really make my day and I love laughing at you. So please continue to post negative responses that have nothing to do with my postings and please keep overlooking the facts and go with your stupid views. Remember I take pride in putting you down, so please keep doing what your doing. :) I love you hugs and kisses
Evil Genius Anthony!!!!!

These links prove the bell curve is a bunch of shiggaty!!
Check out links if you dare!!!!




Thursday, June 04, 2009


Every thinking progressive American should be proud of our president today.(Now I am not meaning the haters eg.. Limbaugh lovers or anyone who watches fox news. You guys stay negative and keep up the hate and don't forget to cull everything negative out of anything Obama says or does). He went over to Africa and layeth the smacketh down . I am still shocked how he admitted Americas part in the overthrow of the Shah. Wow. Now the haters will say he is on an apology tour. They say this because they have no substance and they are powerfully stupid. Ask a wingnut where does the apology part come in at, and watch them squirm. They hated on him because he took his wife to a dinner and show. And please, I want the corporate news whores to stop asking how the GOP feels about anything Obama does, who cares what they think tell them to blow it out their ass and keep staying negative and shut up!
The haters had something to say about that. Lets see it's ok that Bush took 77 vacations to that movie set ranch in Texas(that he bought just before campaigning and then dumped it and moved to Dallas after he was out of office.SUCKERS)where there are no animals or horses anywhere on property and all he did was move brush for the cameras and drive in that stupid truck at the tune of 226 thousand dollars a trip to taxpayers. But nooo we can't have a president who appreciates art and culture and takes his wife out for date night at the tune of 24 thousand dollars a trip to taxpayers. Hey at least he got some loving at the end of the night.

Here is some sample of tapes of that speech in Africa try to hear him amid the screams of I love you.BTW no one threw shoes. Now contrast that with the tapes of the guy the haters think was the best president ever.




Its a shame what happened to Tiller. In a church no less. You think God could have told somebody that this was going to happen. I love it how the anti-choice groups are now back pedaling from this. They called him names like "Tiller the Killer". They set the stage and climate for his political action by assassination.Randall Terry is a bonafide poot butt!


Look guys, Let me say this as calmly as I can. First of all Michael, you turned out to be a little hussy. You are not anything resembling a man. You are a pathetic joke of a bitch. The republicans don't like a darky in charge of the RNC. Now they are trying to get slowly rid of your ass or you resign whichever comes first. Now Palin,its not secret that you turned into a national joke. In addition your little Bristol was dropping it like its hot in your house with you there while she was getting nailed like a porn star by her boyfriend. This all happened while you taught your kids abstinence or so you say. Well I guess Alaska is so boring that the only thing to do is have sex and the girls let the boys put it in the naughty place. But that abstinence did not work while your daughter was getting five holed by that hockey player. What an idiot.Palin just listen to me, abstinence does not work!