Tuesday, March 23, 2010

About Damn Time !!!!!!

History was made the other day. Now nothing can be perfect but this law can be perfected upon. Now I just love how the neo con lying right is saying this is socialism and communism(hmmm at the same time?). Their racist side is coming out,pictures of nooses were faxed to congressional offices particularly black members( I'm sure it was just about knot tying right Chris Stigall)I love the fact the right wing neo con just got their asses handed to them. God bless America! Look for more scare tactics and lies describing this law...and remember everytime a politician or rightwinger talks.....an angel dies! The lying bastards :)


Anonymous said...

This change to the Health Care system in the US will not work with so many fatasses in the country. Until that problem is solved won't make any difference. This is just a way to try and drive down the spike of rising health care cost. It won't work.

The numbers don't add up. Liberals like you can lie all day long it won't turn this bill into a fine hunting dog.

The US is on the verge of losing Tripple A credit rating: put that in your liberal hang wringing peal necklace and hang yourself with the 2200 page bill that no one has read yet.

Are you wearing the right bleeding heart ribbion for today?

I would debate you on this issue but it would be pointless.

john said...

Okay I'm missing something here. The new healthcare reform isn't giving free healthcare for all. It is a bill that favors health care providers. It puts restrictions on things they can do and has safeguards that assist consumers.

What change to the health care system in the USA? Anonymous. You don't have socialized medicine. You do have things that protect consumers and people with pre-existing conditions. I don't believe that people should go broke when they get sick. (I think when you pull your head out of your ASS and think it out you will agree to.) It's not perfect but it is a step that is good in the long run.

Anonymous said...

Notice the blathering comming from this blogsite. Yeh thats it we can "build on" something that hasnt even been completely written. Not one point made on how Obama Care is good for America.

Feel free to post the legislation to prove its worth Anthony!! (bet he wont)

Explain these bullet points to me or can you.

*Care to share how its best for America that the government now controls another sixth of the private sector?


*Exactly when does the oath of protecting and upholding the constitution, in a representitive republic, come into play when you ignore your people?

Instead of Anthony talking about the actual do's and dont's we get his usual tirade against people who dont agree with OC and how wonderful the law is and rather or not its good for our country. Leats we consider the fact how everyone who disagrees with the law, wich just so happens to be the majority of the American people,just got shafted.

Now heres where i love what just happened.....YES!!! it passed and now you ignorant liberal dooooooooshbags!! are going to pay for it come the next 8 years worth of elections, maybe more. Hence the supreme coourts will change if it all pans out...OH YEH!!! BABAY!!!

I believe HC should be a state issue. Missouri is joining some thirteen other states in filing law suits to determine the unconstitutionallity to force people into health care.

Its unconstitutional to ignore your people!!! Can we agree on that, if anything??

BIGDOG... up in them GUTS!!!

john said...

The majority of americans support healthcare reform. That's a stone-cold fact!!!. What happens is what type of reform is being proposed.It's cost and what type of benefits it will produced. When those questions are asked then the numbers tend to trend toward the other way.

I have a reality check for those that think this new law will be stopped by the high courts. The 13 states that have joined in a law suit to strike this law down,seven of the AG's are running for higher office. "IT'S POLITICS that has been created by the likes of talk radio,tea baggers and other conservative activists who are getting paid off by HMO's and PHARMA."

I challenge some of you to read the U.S. Constitution. Go to the public library and don't used the internet!!!

Hell!!! I didn't like the fact we went to war in Iraq. I didn't like the courts judgement on financing elections by corporations. I thought"Kansas-Nebraska Act,Missouri Compromise,Dred Scott was the worse decisions that our courts and congress ever enacted".
They were LEGAL!!!.

Give me the reasons why this law is illegal? Give me legal precedents?. Let's go put on your thinking caps!!!

If your angry at least have a point!!.