Monday, March 29, 2010

Color Issue? What Color Issue???

I love it when I hear people say that blacks only voted for Obama because of his color. Now keep in mind the underlying theme in this racist statement.PROJECTION!!! Look it up in psychology you wavexer's :). What they are really saying but are afraid to is that hey you darkies you do not have enough sense to vote on the issues like whitey does so this is what your worth. Plus I do not want a darkie running my country. Now I know these idiot are wrong and that blacks just like anyone else can vote on the issues. So why do they say this? Well it is because they are RACISTS! Look you did have some blacks that supported Obama that voted for Obama because he is black and that is the stupidest thing ever. Hmmm so I guess there were no whites who voted for Mcain/Palin who supported or not supported them who voted for them because they were white. Naw white people would not do that and then accuse blacks of the same thing...OOPs whats this below? Oh Btw if there is any tape of any Obama supporters that match the hate of these tapes please send me the link.

Watch how someone yells out Nigger and Palin just ignores it and not address it


Anonymous said...

Sunday, September 06, 2009

How dare (that nigger) talk to my kids!! GOP"outraged" about Obama's "brainwashing")

Heres the post you made. The one you denied making below.

Now stop your lieing and answer my bullet points instead of obfuscating and acting like a child saying "i only post the stuff that i can make fun of you with". Well BOYEEEE!!! whos being the child here.

Now man up and stop playing lil games with me.


Anthony said...

Well bigdog you proved me right again. I was only referencing what I heard. I heard someone say so booyah right back in ya ass biiiiiitch. Btw your bullet points are so stupid so GFU .

Anonymous said...

Using the term whitey in what you wrote indicates your own inward projection on what you think of white people. Now I realize you were probably trying to be ironic (some of my best friends are white) but the real issue for me is that I don't care if all black people voted for Obama because he self identifies as being black; though in my opinion he is really an Oreo Negro; and no doubt he carries grudges against white people but moreover toward white males. It is surprising that he doesn't have a white wife. If he had a white wife what would the public's perception of him be?
This issue is a non issue that you brought up. The only people that it bothers is white progressives whom are so twisted in trying to be PC and up-to-date that they curl up into a 3D Manifold if someone says they don't like non whites. Or the race hustlers like you that try and score points on such an issue. We live in a race spoils system and whites need to wake up to that reality. It is time for whites to form their own organizations to protect their rights against the tyranny of the new non white majority here in the US. Look at SA where the black majority have AA laws for themselves while the stupid progressive whites bend over and take it dry in the ass. White people need to say fuck off and die when someone calls them a racist or they should just say' “What is your point?”

You seem to be saying that if some girl says, “I don't date black guys because I prefer white guys”, that somehow that is hate. If you tell a big lie enough it takes on a life of its own that was voiced by Hitler on his observing Jewish control of German media before he kicked them out of their positions of influence.
This umbrella of confusion that hangs over the US will make it harder and harder for this country to get anything done. The fact is that since the Republican have become the Party of White People by default and since most non whites have an internal hatred of white people whither they know it or not; and that Obama, supposedly a black man, anything the Republicans do will be viewed with suspicion. Sooner or later white people will have to make a stand and say “We are done. We are going to concentrate on our own children and communities.”

Anonymous said...

No sir. If you dont post a reference of said thing, then you are the one saying it. So Booooooyah!!! you said it and you posted a eddie hascal (ill post quote in a sec) reference about the people on the hill and this sir is another bigoted statement posted by you and i called you a race baiter on it too. Wich you are.

YOU DID SAY IT and you lied about it.

So you are a coward beyond belief. Pass what you say onto someone that you never sourced. Once again you are proving how much a coward you are.


Anonymous said...

BTW your "that nigger" comment was nowhere to be found no headline, no nothing.

Heres your eddie haskel reference in the same post, posted by you and you only. You own it without any sourcing.

Yet another bigoted statement:(race baiter)
"Now if some nutcase takes a shot at you,the GOP will swear they had nothing to do with it and and lie about how they were with you all the time. the Gop are really one big collective Eddie Haskell on "Leave it to Beaver"

You see you stated the GOP didnt want "that nigger" (source never found) to talk to my kids and i havent found anyone or anything refering to where and how you got this GOP statement, other than it being your own words or bigoted thoughts put on your blog.

Now you have just admitted to plagerism without reference. Isnt that interest this would be atleast 5 or 6 times now.

Now check my grammer instead of whats truelly in your rotten heart.


Intellectual cowards are fun to mess with.

Anonymous said...

You need to chew on an old tire for a while. I know that our society seems to be falling apart on a daily basis what with our country being plunged into the worst economic conditions since the 30's; and that posting on sites like this one to argue relentlessly about issues that aren't that critical should make you take a step back and take your false teeth out of your mouth. It is obvious that the first black President of the US is going to be a lightening rod even during the best of times. We have known for years that the status quo wasn't going to hold but now here we are with the 'house' full of broken mirrors and the smoke of illusion wafting out the front door. It wold seem that we are either headed for Revolution or a Police State.

john said...

Michael Steele is saying the attacks against him is because he is a black man. Really? I mean Really Mikey??. It's not the fact that you are" a incompetent moron" who don't have a clue about fundraising and other money mismanagement issues for your staff?? It's because your black!!!.

Anonymous said...

This is sad but stupid, showing how some liberal whites are just dumb as rocks but dangerous if put in positions of authority: